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Study Title/Investigator
For Here or To Go? Purchasing Power Parity and the Big Mac (ICPSR 1156)
Pakko, Michael R.; Pollard, Patricia
Gauss Programs and Datasets (ICPSR 1019)
Bresnahan, Timothy F.; Reiss, Peter C.
Giant Sucking Sound: Did NAFTA Devour the Mexican Peso? (ICPSR 1162)
Neely, Christopher J.
Going Down: The Asian Crisis and United States Exports (ICPSR 1203)
Pollard, Patricia S.; Coughlin, Cletus C.
The Gold Standard, Bretton Woods and Other Monetary Regimes: A Historical Appraisal (ICPSR 1077)
Bordo, Michael D.; Institute for International Economics and University of Bonn
History of the Asymmetric Policy Directive (ICPSR 1230)
Thornton, Daniel L.; Wheelock, David C.
How Banks Can Self-Monitor Their Lending to Comply with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ICPSR 1291)
Gilkeson, James H.; Winters, Drew B.; Dwyer, Peggy D.
How Closely Do Banks Manage Vault Cash? (ICPSR 1194)
Allen, Donald S.
How Costly Is Sustained Low Inflation for the U.S. Economy? (ICPSR 1302)
Bullard, James B.; Russell, Steven
How Well Does Employment Predict Output? (ICPSR 20963)
Kliesen, Kevin L.
How Well Do Monetary Fundamentals Forecast Exchange Rates? (ICPSR 1268)
Neely, Christopher J.; Sarno, Lucio
Identifying Business Cycle Turning Points in Real Time (ICPSR 1284)
Chauvet, Marcelle; Piger, Jeremy
Implied Arch Model from Options Prices (ICPSR 1043)
Engle, Robert F.
Improving Contingent Valuation Methods (ICPSR 1090)
Gregory, Robin
Improving Quantitative Studies of International Conflict: A Conjecture (ICPSR 1218)
Beck, Nathaniel L.; King, Gary; Zeng, Langche
Incentive Effects of Tournaments Revisited: Evidence from the European PGA Tour (ICPSR 1011)
Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Bognanno, Michael L.
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