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Study Title/Investigator
Discrete Policy Changes and Empirical Models of the Federal Funds Rate (ICPSR 1310)
Dueker, Michael J.; Rasche, Robert H.
Does the Exchange Rate Regime Affect the Economy? (ICPSR 1063)
Mills, Terence C.; Wood, Geoffrey E.
Does Money Matter? (ICPSR 1245)
Meyer, Laurence H.
Do Inflation Targeters Outperform Non-Targeters? (ICPSR 1336)
Dueker, Michael J.; Fischer, Andreas
Do Inventories Moderate Fluctuations in Output? (ICPSR 1175)
Allen, Donald S.
Dollarization as a Monetary Arrangement for Emerging Market Economies (ICPSR 1250)
Antinolfi, Gaetano; Kliester, Todd
Do Older Adults Know Their Spouses' End-of-Life Treatment Preferences? (ICPSR 25701)
Moorman, Sara M.; Hauser, Robert M.; Carr, Deborah
Dynamic Analysis of the Role of War Chests in Campaign Strategy (ICPSR 1121)
Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M.
Dynamic Foreign Policy Behavior (ICPSR 1276)
Lebo, Matthew J.; Moore, Will H.
Dynamic Model of Campaign Spending in Congressional Elections (ICPSR 1120)
Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M.; Lin, Tse-Min
Dynamics of Aggregate Partisanship (ICPSR 1119)
Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M.; Smith, Renee M.
Economic Effects of the Baby Boom (ICPSR 1097)
Yoo, Peter
The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Identification in Structural VARs (ICPSR 1295)
Sarno, Lucio; Thornton, Daniel L.
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