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Enhancing Democracy Through Legislative Redistricting (ICPSR 1101)
Gelman, Andrew; King, Gary
Improving Quantitative Studies of International Conflict: A Conjecture (ICPSR 1218)
Beck, Nathaniel L.; King, Gary; Zeng, Langche
Making the Most of Statistical Analyses: Improving Interpretation and Presentation (ICPSR 1255)
King, Gary; Tomz, Michael; Wittenberg, Jason
On Party Platforms, Mandates, and Government Spending (ICPSR 1109)
King, Gary; Laver, Michael
On Political Methodology (ICPSR 1053)
King, Gary
Record of American Democracy, 1984-1990 (ICPSR 2162)
King, Gary; Palmquist, Bradley; Adams, Greg; et al.
Statistical Model for Multiparty Electoral Data (ICPSR 1190)
Katz, Jonathan; King, Gary
A Unified Model of Cabinet Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies (ICPSR 1115)
King, Gary; Alt, James E.; Burns, Nancy; et al.

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