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This release of the 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS-1-PR) is a revised and restructured version of the Wave 1 data. This data collection provides a broad range of economic, demographic, and health information at both the household and community levels across 13 provinces on the islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. A sample of 7,224 households was interviewed during August 1993 through January 1994. Household-level data cover topics such as household characteristics, income, education of both adults and children, marriage histories, inter-household transfers, pregnancy history, and knowledge and use of contraceptives. At the community-facility level, information was gathered from village leaders and heads of village women's groups in each of the 321 enumeration areas (EAs) where the households were located. Questions were asked regarding community characteristics (transportation, water and sanitation, history of schools, and availability of health facilities), nurses, midwives, and paramedics (facility management and family planning history, vignettes on types of care), and traditional health practitioners (buying or making herbal medicines or using services of traditional practitioners, rituals, and incantations). When the household data are combined with the community-facility data, the 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey provides a unique look at areas of fertility, family planning, infant and child health, education, migration, employment, and the social, economic, and health status of over 7,000 households in a diverse setting during a period of rapid demographic and socioeconomic change.

Series: RAND Aging Studies in the Developing World Series

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  • These data are freely available.


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DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  Household, Book CA--Cover Page, Anthropometry - Download All Files (7.2 MB)
DS2:  Household, Book CA--Anthropometry Roster - Download All Files (22.3 MB)
DS3:  Household, Book K--Visit Record - Download All Files (11.8 MB)
DS4:  Household, Book K--Respondent Selection - Download All Files (15.4 MB)
DS5:  Household, Book K--Survey Disposition - Download All Files (12 MB)
DS6:  Household, Book I--Cover Page - Download All Files (6 MB)
DS7:  Household, Book I--Household Roster - Download All Files (41.8 MB)
DS8:  Household, Book I--Household Characteristics - Download All Files (6.1 MB)
DS9:  Household, Book I--Food Item Consumption & Own Production - Download All Files (24.1 MB)
DS10:  Household, Book I--Transfer of Food Items - Download All Files (2.2 MB)
DS11:  Household, Book I--Nonfood Items in Past Month - Download All Files (9.8 MB)
DS12:  Household, Book I--Nonfood Items in Past Year - Download All Files (9.6 MB)
DS13:  Household, Book I--Education Expenditures - Download All Files (2.7 MB)
DS14:  Household, Book I--Purchases in Last Month - Download All Files (22.6 MB)
DS15:  Household, Book I--Health Provider Knowledge - Download All Files (37 MB)
DS16:  Household, Book I--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2 MB)
DS17:  Household, Book II--Cover Page, Farm Business - Download All Files (9.1 MB)
DS18:  Household, Book II--Farm Business Assets - Download All Files (11.3 MB)
DS19:  Household, Book II--Nonfarm Business - Download All Files (3.9 MB)
DS20:  Household, Book II--Nonfarm Business Assets - Download All Files (9.9 MB)
DS21:  Household, Book II--Individual Income - Download All Files (5.5 MB)
DS22:  Household, Book II--Other Income Sources - Download All Files (15.9 MB)
DS23:  Household, Book II--Household Assets - Download All Files (54.8 MB)
DS24:  Household, Book II--Household Data - Download All Files (2.5 MB)
DS25:  Household, Book II--Economic Hardships - Download All Files (14 MB)
DS26:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (8.1 MB)
DS27:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Companies - Download All Files (1.1 MB)
DS28:  Household, Book II--Individual Health Insurance: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (5 MB)
DS29:  Household, Book II--Individual Health Insurance: Companies - Download All Files (0.8 MB)
DS30:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Medical Benefits: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (6 MB)
DS31:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Medical Benefits: Type of Benefit - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS32:  Household, Book II--Care at Company Clinic: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (3.3 MB)
DS33:  Household, Book II--Care at Company Clinic: Clinics - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS34:  Household, Book II--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2 MB)
DS35:  Household, Book III--Cover Page - Download All Files (15.5 MB)
DS36:  Household, Book III--Education Summary - Download All Files (7 MB)
DS37:  Household, Book III--Levels of Schooling - Download All Files (13.3 MB)
DS38:  Household, Book III--Last School Attended - Download All Files (9.7 MB)
DS39:  Household, Book III--Work Experience - Download All Files (13.7 MB)
DS40:  Household, Book III--Current Jobs, Primary & Secondary - Download All Files (25.4 MB)
DS41:  Household, Book III--Primary & Secondary Jobs During Past 5 Years - Download All Files (57.4 MB)
DS42:  Household, Book III--Employment History: First Job - Download All Files (18.3 MB)
DS43:  Household, Book III--Time Allocation - Download All Files (7 MB)
DS44:  Household, Book III--Marriage Summary - Download All Files (6.4 MB)
DS45:  Household, Book III--Marital History - Download All Files (8.1 MB)
DS46:  Household, Book III--Husband's Desire for More Children - Download All Files (3.3 MB)
DS47:  Household, Book III--Pregnancy Summary - Download All Files (2.2 MB)
DS48:  Household, Book III--Migration History: Birth, Age 12, First Marriage - Download All Files (35.5 MB)
DS49:  Household, Book III--Migration History - Download All Files (21.9 MB)
DS50:  Household, Book III--Last Move to Current Residence - Download All Files (4.6 MB)
DS51:  Household, Book III--Circular Migration: Trigger Questions - Download All Files (4.8 MB)
DS52:  Household, Book III--Circular Migration: History - Download All Files (2.9 MB)
DS53:  Household, Book III--Smoking Habits - Download All Files (9.5 MB)
DS54:  Household, Book III--Current Health & Activities of Daily Living - Download All Files (14.8 MB)
DS55:  Household, Book III--Health Conditions During Past 4 Weeks - Download All Files (13.7 MB)
DS56:  Household, Book III--Acute Morbidity - Download All Files (64.2 MB)
DS57:  Household, Book III--Self-Treatment - Download All Files (6.9 MB)
DS58:  Household, Book III--Outpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (11.3 MB)
DS59:  Household, Book III--Outpatient Visits - Download All Files (6 MB)
DS60:  Household, Book III--Inpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (7 MB)
DS61:  Household, Book III--Inpatient Visits - Download All Files (1.2 MB)
DS62:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Parents - Download All Files (39.1 MB)
DS63:  Household, Book III--Nonhouseholders: Siblings - Download All Files (5 MB)
DS64:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Sibling Roster - Download All Files (60.1 MB)
DS65:  Household, Book III--Sibling Summary Counts - Download All Files (4.1 MB)
DS66:  Household, Book III--Help From/To Siblings Not Mentioned - Download All Files (11 MB)
DS67:  Household, Book III--Trigger Questions: Non-Coresident Children - Download All Files (5 MB)
DS68:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Children: Roster - Download All Files (14 MB)
DS69:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Children Age 15+ Counts - Download All Files (1.7 MB)
DS70:  Household, Book III--Help From/To Non-Coresident Children Not Selected - Download All Files (2.9 MB)
DS71:  Household, Book III--Transfers To/From Parents, Siblings, Children - Download All Files (26.1 MB)
DS72:  Household, Book III--Transfers To/From Relatives, Friends, Employers, Organizations - Download All Files (44.6 MB)
DS73:  Household, Book III--Individual Assets - Download All Files (62.4 MB)
DS74:  Household, Book III--Other Income in Past Year - Download All Files (8.7 MB)
DS75:  Household, Book III--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (4.8 MB)
DS76:  Household, Book IV--Cover Page - Download All Files (5.9 MB)
DS77:  Household, Book IV--Marriage Summary - Download All Files (2.1 MB)
DS78:  Household, Book IV--Marital History - Download All Files (5.3 MB)
DS79:  Household, Book IV--Menstrual History/Desire for Children - Download All Files (2.7 MB)
DS80:  Household, Book IV--Pregnancy Summary - Download All Files (3.8 MB)
DS81:  Household, Book IV--Pregnancy Roster - Download All Files (49.9 MB)
DS82:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Knowledge/Use: Efficient - Download All Files (34.2 MB)
DS83:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Knowledge/Use: Less Efficient - Download All Files (7.6 MB)
DS84:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Use - Download All Files (4.7 MB)
DS85:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Calendar: Marriage/Calendar, Start/End Dates - Download All Files (2.6 MB)
DS86:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Calendar: Jan 84- Feb 94 - Download All Files (45.5 MB)
DS87:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Facility: Visit Cost From Last 30 Months of Calendar, Sep 93-Feb 94 - Download All Files (5.1 MB)
DS88:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Facility: Information - Download All Files (3.1 MB)
DS89:  Household, Book IV--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2.1 MB)
DS90:  Household, Book V--Cover Page - Download All Files (3.1 MB)
DS91:  Household, Book V--Levels of Schooling - Download All Files (4.5 MB)
DS92:  Household, Book V--School Expenses - Download All Files (3.4 MB)
DS93:  Household, Book V--Acute Morbidity - Download All Files (43.4 MB)
DS94:  Household, Book V--Self-Treatment - Download All Files (4.4 MB)
DS95:  Household, Book V--Outpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (5.9 MB)
DS96:  Household, Book V--Outpatient Visits - Download All Files (1.7 MB)
DS97:  Household, Book V--Inpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (3.9 MB)
DS98:  Household, Book V--Inpatient Visits - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS99:  Household, Book V--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2.9 MB)
DS100:  Household, Other--English Translations of "Other, Specify" - Download All Files (82.9 MB)
DS101:  Household--Household Sampling Weights - Download All Files (2.3 MB)
DS102:  Household--Individual Sampling Weights - Download All Files (18.4 MB)
DS103:  Household--Province Codes and Names - Download All Files (0.7 MB)
DS104:  Household--Kabupaten Codes and Names (Regency/Municipality) - Download All Files (0.8 MB)
DS105:  Household--Kecamatan Codes and Names (Subdistrict) - Download All Files (1.5 MB)
DS106:  Household--Enumeration Areas (EAs) Done Before 2nd Round Retraining - Download All Files (0.7 MB)
DS107:  Household, Auxiliary--Crosswalk Between Children in Book III and Book IV (Not All Children) - Download All Files (1.2 MB)
DS108:  Household, Auxiliary--1993 Provincial/Urban-Rural Food Price Indices - Download All Files (0.7 MB)
DS109:  Household, Auxiliary--Household Expenditure Estimates - Download All Files (5 MB)
DS110:  Community/Facility--Books Completed - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS111:  Community/Facility, Book I--Control Sheet - Download All Files (4.7 MB)
DS112:  Community/Facility, Book I--Transportation to Nearest Item - Download All Files (1.6 MB)
DS113:  Community/Facility, Book I--Availability of Electricity by Provider - Download All Files (1.7 MB)
DS114:  Community/Facility, Book I--Agriculture and Industry: Programs - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS115:  Community/Facility, Book I--Agriculture and Industry: Factories - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS116:  Community/Facility, Book I--Agriculture and Industry: Cottage Industry - Download All Files (1.1 MB)
DS117:  Community/Facility, Book I--Record of Village Name Changes - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS118:  Community/Facility, Book I--Important Events in the Village - Download All Files (1.5 MB)
DS119:  Community/Facility, Book I--Credit - Download All Files (1.1 MB)
DS120:  Community/Facility, Book I--History of School Existence - Download All Files (2.2 MB)
DS121:  Community/Facility, Book I--History of School Types - Download All Files (1 MB)
DS122:  Community/Facility, Book I--History of Health Facilities - Download All Files (4.2 MB)
DS123:  Community/Facility, Book I--Identity of Respondents - Download All Files (1.2 MB)
DS124:  Community/Facility, Book II--Control Sheet - Download All Files (2.7 MB)
DS125:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--Control Sheet - Download All Files (1.7 MB)
DS126:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--History of School Existence - Download All Files (2.2 MB)
DS127:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--History of School Types - Download All Files (1 MB)
DS128:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--History of Health Facilities - Download All Files (2.4 MB)
DS129:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--Availability of Foodstuffs - Download All Files (3.6 MB)
DS130:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Control Sheet - Download All Files (17.1 MB)
DS131:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Head of Puskesmas, Part 2 (Medicines) - Download All Files (4.9 MB)
DS132:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Activities of Puskesmas, Part 1B - Download All Files (12.7 MB)
DS133:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Puskesmas Employees, Employee List - Download All Files (2.4 MB)
DS134:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Direct Observation, Part 1B (Pharmacy) - Download All Files (6.4 MB)
DS135:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--KB Service Unit, Part B - Download All Files (2.1 MB)
DS136:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Control Sheet - Download All Files (3.3 MB)
DS137:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Practice Activities, Hours of Operation - Download All Files (1.6 MB)
DS138:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Practice Activities, Services - Download All Files (7.9 MB)
DS139:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Stocks of Medicines - Download All Files (3.8 MB)
DS140:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Control Sheet - Download All Files (12.1 MB)
DS141:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Practice Activities, Hours of Operation - Download All Files (2.2 MB)
DS142:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Practice Activities, Services - Download All Files (9.3 MB)
DS143:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Stocks of Medicines - Download All Files (6.3 MB)
DS144:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Control Sheet - Download All Files (3.2 MB)
DS145:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Manpower, Part 1 - Download All Files (2.5 MB)
DS146:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Health Instruments - Download All Files (4.7 MB)
DS147:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Availability of Foodstuffs - Download All Files (3.4 MB)
DS148:  Community/Facility, Traditional Healer--Control Sheet - Download All Files (2.3 MB)
DS149:  Community/Facility, Primary School--Control Sheet - Download All Files (6 MB)
DS150:  Community/Facility, Primary School--Teacher - Download All Files (3.6 MB)
DS151:  Community/Facility, Primary School--School Statistics, 1992-1993, Part 1B - Download All Files (1.8 MB)
DS152:  Community/Facility, Primary School--EBTANAS Scores - Download All Files (3.5 MB)
DS153:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--Control Sheet - Download All Files (5.9 MB)
DS154:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--Teacher - Download All Files (3.5 MB)
DS155:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--School Statistics, 1992-1993--Part 1B - Download All Files (1.5 MB)
DS156:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--EBTANAS Scores - Download All Files (3.4 MB)
DS157:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--Control Sheet - Download All Files (4.2 MB)
DS158:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--Teacher - Download All Files (2.6 MB)
DS159:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--School Statistics, 1992-1993--Part 1B - Download All Files (0.9 MB)
DS160:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--EBTANAS Scores - Download All Files (2.5 MB)
DS161:  Community/Facility--Community Weights - Download All Files (0.8 MB)
DS162:  Community/Facility--Facility Weights - Download All Files (1.3 MB)
DS163:  Crosswalk Between the Data Collection Instruments, Waves 1 and 2 - Download All Files (1.7 MB)
DS164:  Documentation for Community/Facility Data--Community Identifier, EA-Based
No downloadable data files available.
DS165:  Data Collection Instruments and Interviewer Manual for Household Data, Parts 1-109
No downloadable data files available.
DS166:  Codebook for Household Data, Parts 1-109
No downloadable data files available.
DS167:  Data Collection Instruments and Interviewer Manual for Community/Facility Data, Parts 110-162
No downloadable data files available.
DS168:  Codebook for Community/Facility Data, Parts 110-162
No downloadable data files available.
DS169:  User's Guide for All Parts
No downloadable data files available.
DS170:  Overview and Field Report for All Parts
No downloadable data files available.
DS171:  Documentation for IFLS-1-RR: Revised and Restructured Version
No downloadable data files available.

Study Description


Gertler, Paul, Lembaga Demografi, and RAND Corporation. Indonesian Family Life Survey, 1993. ICPSR06706-v4. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2003.

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This study was funded by:

  • United States Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (P01 HD028372, R01 HD040384, P50 HD012639)
  • United States Agency for International Development
  • Ford Foundation
  • World Health Organization

Scope of Study

Subject Terms:   child health, community health, education, employment, families, family planning, family size, family structure, fertility, health, health care facilities, households, income, infant mortality, population migration, reproductive history, social change, social networks, traditional healers, traditional medicine

Geographic Coverage:   Bali, Java, Indonesia, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara, Global

Time Period:  

  • 1993

Date of Collection:  

  • 1993-08--1994-01

Universe:   All households within 321 enumeration areas in 13 Indonesian provinces.

Data Types:   survey data

Data Collection Notes:

(1) The codebooks, data collection instruments, and other documentation have been provided by RAND as Portable Document Format (PDF) files, except for Part 164, Documentation for Community/Facility Data--Community Identifier, EA-Based, which is an ASCII text file. (2) Reference should be made to the codebooks and/or questionnaire for clarification of missing data and value labels. (3) Questions regarding the use of the IFLS-1 data should be referred to RAND at


Sample:   Two samples were drawn for this study: Household and Community/Facility. The Household sample consists of a stratified random sample of 7,700 households in 13 Indonesian provinces. The Community/Facility sample was based on availability of facilities to household respondents.

Data Source:

personal interviews


Original ICPSR Release:  

Version History:

  • 2006-01-12 All files were removed from dataset 170 and flagged as study-level files, so that they will accompany all downloads.
  • 2006-01-12 All files were removed from dataset 169 and flagged as study-level files, so that they will accompany all downloads.
  • 2005-11-04 On 2005-03-14 new files were added to one or more datasets. These files included additional setup files as well as one or more of the following: SAS program, SAS transport, SPSS portable, and Stata system files. The metadata record was revised 2005-11-04 to reflect these additions.
  • 2003-01-31 Part 21 and corresponding data definition statements have been updated to correct column locations.
  • 2000-06-23 The data have been reorganized and resupplied by the principal investigator. Users may consult the IFLS-1RR documentation for details on changes to the data collection.

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