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State and Metropolitan Area Data Book [United States]: 1991 (ICPSR 6398) RSS

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This data collection provides statistics gathered from a variety of federal agencies and national associations. Demographic, economic, and governmental data from both the federal government and private agencies are presented to enable multiarea comparisons as well as single-area profiles. Current estimates and benchmark census results are included. Data are available for five types of geographic coverage: (1) Metro Areas data cover 249 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), 17 consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), 54 primary metropolitan statistical areas (PSMAs), and 16 New England county metropolitan areas (NECMAs). Metro Areas data include the following general subjects: area and population, households, vital statistics, health, education, crime, housing, money income, personal income, civilian labor force, employment, construction, commercial office space, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, service industries, banking, federal funds and grants, and government employment. There are 14 parts for Metro Areas. (2) State Metro/Nonmetro data cover the United States, the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the metropolitan and nonmetropolitan portions of these areas. State Metro/Nonmetro data include most of the subjects listed for Metro Areas. There are six parts for State Metro/Nonmetro. (3) Metro Counties data cover 336 metropolitan areas and their component counties and include topics identical to those presented in the State Metro/Nonmetro data. Six parts are supplied for Metro Counties. (4) Metro Central Cities data cover 336 metropolitan areas and their 522 central cities and 336 outside central cities portions. Metro Central Cities variables are limited to 13 items, which include area and population, money income, civilian labor force, and retail trade. There is one part for Metro Central Cities. (5) States data cover the United States, the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and census regions and divisions. States data include the same items as the Metro Areas data, plus information on social welfare programs, geography and environment, domestic travel and parks, gross state product, poverty, wealth holders, business, research and development, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, minerals and mining, transportation, communications, energy, state government, federal government, and elections. There are 101 parts for States.

Series: State and Metropolitan Area Data Book [United States] Series

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DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  Metro Areas - METRO01: Area and Population - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS2:  Metro Areas - METRO02: Population Characteristics, Households, and Births - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS3:  Metro Areas - METRO03: Deaths, Physicians, and Hospitals - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS4:  Metro Areas - METRO04: Education, Crime, and Housing - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS5:  Metro Areas - METRO05: Housing, Money Income, and Personal Income - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS6:  Metro Areas - METRO06: Personal Income, Civilian Labor Force, and Employment - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS7:  Metro Areas - METRO07: Employment and Average Annual Pay - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS8:  Metro Areas - METRO08: Employment, Construction, and Commercial Office Space - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS9:  Metro Areas - METRO09: Commercial Office Space and Manufactures - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS10:  Metro Areas - METRO10: Manufactures, Wholesale Trade, and Retail Trade - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS11:  Metro Areas - METRO11: Retail Trade - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS12:  Metro Areas - METRO12: Retail Trade and Taxable Service Industries - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS13:  Metro Areas - METRO13: Taxable Service Industries and Banking - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS14:  Metro Areas - METRO14: Federal Funds and Grants, and Government Employment and Earnings - Download All Files (47.2 MB)
DS15:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST1: Area and Population - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS16:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST2: Population Characteristics, Households, and Births - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS17:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST3: Deaths, Housing, and Income - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS18:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST4: Personal Income and Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS19:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST5: Employment, Manufacturing Earnings, and Banking - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS20:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST6: Banking, Retail Trade, Service Industries, and Federal Funds - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS21:  Metro Counties - METCO1: Area and Population - Download All Files (47.6 MB)
DS22:  Metro Counties - METCO2: Population Characteristics, Households, and Births - Download All Files (47.8 MB)
DS23:  Metro Counties - METCO3: Deaths, Housing, and Income - Download All Files (47.7 MB)
DS24:  Metro Counties - METCO4: Personal Income and Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47.7 MB)
DS25:  Metro Counties - METCO5: Employment, Manufacturing Earnings, and Banking - Download All Files (47.6 MB)
DS26:  Metro Counties - METCO6: Banking, Retail Trade, Service Industries, and Federal Funds - Download All Files (47.6 MB)
DS27:  Central Cities - METCITY: Area, Population, Income, Labor Force, and Retail Trade - Download All Files (48 MB)
DS28:  States - STATE202: Area and Population - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS29:  States - STATE203: Population - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS30:  States - STATE204: Population Projections and Residence - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS31:  States - STATE205: Population by Residence - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS32:  States - STATE206: Population, by Age Group - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS33:  States - STATE207: Population Projections, by Age Group - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS34:  States - STATE208: Population Projections, by Race - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS35:  States - STATE209: Population Projections, by Race - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS36:  States - STATE210: Race, Hispanic Origin, and Immigrants Admitted - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS37:  States - STATE211: Christian Church and Jewish Population, and Households - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS38:  States - STATE212: Births and Birth Rate - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS39:  States - STATE213: Legal Abortions, Average Lifetime, and Deaths - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS40:  States - STATE214: Deaths, Infant Deaths, and Infant Mortality Rates - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS41:  States - STATE215: Death Rates, by Causes and AIDS Deaths - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS42:  States - STATE216: Marriages and Divorces - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS43:  States - STATE217: Physicians, Dentists, and Nurses - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS44:  States - STATE218: Community Hospitals - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS45:  States - STATE219: Community Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Mental Care Facilities - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS46:  States - STATE220: Medicare and Medicaid - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS47:  States - STATE221: Notifiable Diseases - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS48:  States - STATE222: Public Schools and School Enrollment - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS49:  States - STATE223: Public School Enrollment - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS50:  States - STATE224: Elementary and Secondary Schools, Federal Grants, and Revenue Receipts - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS51:  States - STATE225: Elementary and Secondary Schools, Classroom Teachers - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS52:  States - STATE226: Public Elementary and Secondary Classroom Teachers and Educational Programs for the Handicapped - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS53:  States - STATE227: High School Graduates and Institutions of Higher Education - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS54:  States - STATE228: Institutions of Higher Education and Education Attainment - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS55:  States - STATE229: Social Welfare Programs - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS56:  States - STATE230: Social Welfare Programs - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS57:  States - STATE231: Workers Compensation, Vocational Rehabilitation, Child Support Program, Child Day Care Services, and Foundations - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS58:  States - STATE232: Crime - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS59:  States - STATE233: Crime and Crime Rate - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS60:  States - STATE234: Crime Rate and Arrests - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS61:  States - STATE235: Federal and State Prisoners, Adults on Probation, and State Correctional Facilities - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS62:  States - STATE236: State Correctional Facilities, Jails, and Juvenile Custody Facilities - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS63:  States - STATE237: Housing - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS64:  States - STATE238: Land Area and Uses - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS65:  States - STATE239: Elevations and Water Use - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS66:  States - STATE240: Water Use, Hazardous Waste, Pollution Abatement - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS67:  States - STATE241: Domestic Travel Expenditures and Parks - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS68:  States - STATE242: Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS69:  States - STATE243: Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS70:  States - STATE244: Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS71:  States - STATE245: Nonagricultural Employment - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS72:  States - STATE246: Nonagricultural Employment and Average Annual Pay - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS73:  States - STATE247: Average Annual Pay and Union Membership-Manufacturing - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS74:  States - STATE248: Gross State Product - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS75:  States - STATE249: Total Per Capita Personal Income and Earnings by Selected Industry with Projections - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS76:  States - STATE250: Personal Income - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS77:  States - STATE251: Personal Income - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS78:  States - STATE252: Personal Income - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS79:  States - STATE253: Disposable Personal Income and Money Income - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS80:  States - STATE254: Money Income, Poverty, Top Wealthholders - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS81:  States - STATE255: Private Nonfarm Employment--Establishments - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS82:  States - STATE256: Private Nonfarm Employment - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS83:  States - STATE257: Minority-Owned Business Enterprises - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS84:  States - STATE258: Industrial and Commercial Firms and Sources of Job Growth - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS85:  States - STATE259: Sources of Job Growth, Small Business Contract Actions, Patents, U.S. Exports - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS86:  States - STATE260: U.S. Exports and Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS87:  States - STATE261: Research and Development - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS88:  States - STATE262: Farms - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS89:  States - STATE263: Farms and Farm Operators - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS90:  States - STATE264: Farm Finances and Income - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS91:  States - STATE265: Farm Income (USDA)--Con - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS92:  States - STATE266: Crops and Livestock - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS93:  States - STATE267: Timber-Based Industries and Fisheries - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS94:  States - STATE268: Mineral Industries and Mineral Production Value - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS95:  States - STATE269: Mining Production Value and Fuels - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS96:  States - STATE270: Construction Industries - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS97:  States - STATE271: Valuation of Construction and New Private Housing Units - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS98:  States - STATE272: Building Permits and Housing Starts - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS99:  States - STATE273: Manufactures--Establishments, Employment, and Production Workers - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS100:  States - STATE274: Manufactures - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS101:  States - STATE275: Export-Related Employment and Shipments and Manufacturing Earnings - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS102:  States - STATE276: Highway Mileage, Bridges, Travel, and Highway Finances - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS103:  States - STATE277: Motor Vehicle Registrations, Trucks, and Motor Vehicle Accidents - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS104:  States - STATE278: Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS105:  States - STATE279: Airport Facilities and Operations, Air Carriers - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS106:  States - STATE280: Cable Television, Broadcasting Stations, and Newspapers - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS107:  States - STATE281: Energy Consumption - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS108:  States - STATE282: Energy Consumption and Expenditures - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS109:  States - STATE283: Energy Expenditures and Prices - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS110:  States - STATE284: Electric Utilities - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS111:  States - STATE285: Utilities - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS112:  States - STATE286: Wholesale Trade - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS113:  States - STATE287: Retail Trade - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS114:  States - STATE288: Retail Trade--Sales - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS115:  States - STATE289: Retail Trade Sales and Employment and Shopping Centers - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS116:  States - STATE290: Tax-Exempt and Taxable Service Industries - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS117:  States - STATE291: Taxable Service Industries - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS118:  States - STATE292: Deposit Shares and Commercial Banks - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS119:  States - STATE293: Financial Institutions - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS120:  States - STATE294: Financial Institutions - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS121:  States - STATE295: State General Operating Fund and Federal Aid - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS122:  States - STATE296: State Government General Revenue and Expenditures - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS123:  States - STATE297: State Government Finances and Tax Collections - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS124:  States - STATE298: State Government Tax Collections and Employment - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS125:  States - STATE299: Federal Funds and Grants, Federal Employees - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS126:  States - STATE300: Popular Vote for President - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS127:  States - STATE301: Senators, Composition of Congress, Governors, and Composition of State Legislatures - Download All Files (47 MB)
DS128:  States - STATE302: Voting-age population, Registration, and Elected Officials - Download All Files (47 MB)

Study Description


United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census. State and Metropolitan Area Data Book [United States]: 1991. ICPSR06398-v3. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2008-10-09. http://doi.org/10.3886/ICPSR06398.v1

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Scope of Study

Subject Terms:   cities, crime, demographic characteristics, economic indicators, education, employment, environment, federal aid, health, housing, income, industry, labor force, Metropolitan Areas, population characteristics, poverty, social welfare, states (USA), statistical data, trade, urban areas

Geographic Coverage:   United States

Time Period:  

  • 1991

Date of Collection:  

  • 1991

Universe:   The universe varies from item to item within the files, e.g., all persons, all housing units, all local governments.

Data Types:   aggregate data

Data Collection Notes:

For Part 27, Central Cities, the data file has 1,335 records. The "State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, 1991 on Diskette: Technical Documentation" section of the ICPSR codebook lists the Metro Central Cities data file as having 1,333 records.

Variable LEV in Parts 1 to 27 and variable LEVEL in Parts 28 to 128 have been converted from string to numeric variables to facilitate the application of value labels.


Data Source:

federal government and national agency data

Extent of Processing:  ICPSR data undergo a confidentiality review and are altered when necessary to limit the risk of disclosure. ICPSR also routinely creates ready-to-go data files along with setups in the major statistical software formats as well as standard codebooks to accompany the data. In addition to these procedures, ICPSR performed the following processing steps for this data collection:

  • Standardized missing values.


Original ICPSR Release:  

Version History:

  • 2008-10-09 The data from this collection was originally stored on three diskettes; they have been extracted and fully processed according to ICPSR standards. The codebook has been updated, and for each part, an ASCII data file, SPSS, Stata, and SAS setup files, SPSS and Stata system files, SAS transport (CPORT) file, and tab-delimited ASCII data file have been created.
  • 2006-01-18 File CB6398.ALL.PDF was removed from any previous datasets and flagged as a study-level file, so that it will accompany all downloads.

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