State and Metropolitan Area Data Book [United States]: 1991

Principal Investigator(s): United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census


WARNING: Because this study has many datasets, the download all files option has been suppressed, and you will need to download one dataset at a time.

DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  Metro Areas - METRO01: Area and Population - Download All Files (47,160 KB)
DS2:  Metro Areas - METRO02: Population Characteristics, Households, and Births - Download All Files (47,208 KB)
DS3:  Metro Areas - METRO03: Deaths, Physicians, and Hospitals - Download All Files (47,192 KB)
DS4:  Metro Areas - METRO04: Education, Crime, and Housing - Download All Files (47,176 KB)
DS5:  Metro Areas - METRO05: Housing, Money Income, and Personal Income - Download All Files (47,192 KB)
DS6:  Metro Areas - METRO06: Personal Income, Civilian Labor Force, and Employment - Download All Files (47,200 KB)
DS7:  Metro Areas - METRO07: Employment and Average Annual Pay - Download All Files (47,184 KB)
DS8:  Metro Areas - METRO08: Employment, Construction, and Commercial Office Space - Download All Files (47,160 KB)
DS9:  Metro Areas - METRO09: Commercial Office Space and Manufactures - Download All Files (47,200 KB)
DS10:  Metro Areas - METRO10: Manufactures, Wholesale Trade, and Retail Trade - Download All Files (47,176 KB)
DS11:  Metro Areas - METRO11: Retail Trade - Download All Files (47,176 KB)
DS12:  Metro Areas - METRO12: Retail Trade and Taxable Service Industries - Download All Files (47,160 KB)
DS13:  Metro Areas - METRO13: Taxable Service Industries and Banking - Download All Files (47,184 KB)
DS14:  Metro Areas - METRO14: Federal Funds and Grants, and Government Employment and Earnings - Download All Files (47,160 KB)
DS15:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST1: Area and Population - Download All Files (47,008 KB)
DS16:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST2: Population Characteristics, Households, and Births - Download All Files (47,024 KB)
DS17:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST3: Deaths, Housing, and Income - Download All Files (47,024 KB)
DS18:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST4: Personal Income and Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47,024 KB)
DS19:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST5: Employment, Manufacturing Earnings, and Banking - Download All Files (47,024 KB)
DS20:  State Metro/Nonmetro - METST6: Banking, Retail Trade, Service Industries, and Federal Funds - Download All Files (47,016 KB)
DS21:  Metro Counties - METCO1: Area and Population - Download All Files (47,568 KB)
DS22:  Metro Counties - METCO2: Population Characteristics, Households, and Births - Download All Files (47,752 KB)
DS23:  Metro Counties - METCO3: Deaths, Housing, and Income - Download All Files (47,696 KB)
DS24:  Metro Counties - METCO4: Personal Income and Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (47,744 KB)
DS25:  Metro Counties - METCO5: Employment, Manufacturing Earnings, and Banking - Download All Files (47,648 KB)
DS26:  Metro Counties - METCO6: Banking, Retail Trade, Service Industries, and Federal Funds - Download All Files (47,640 KB)
DS27:  Central Cities - METCITY: Area, Population, Income, Labor Force, and Retail Trade - Download All Files (48,024 KB)
DS28:  States - STATE202: Area and Population - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS29:  States - STATE203: Population - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS30:  States - STATE204: Population Projections and Residence - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS31:  States - STATE205: Population by Residence - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS32:  States - STATE206: Population, by Age Group - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS33:  States - STATE207: Population Projections, by Age Group - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS34:  States - STATE208: Population Projections, by Race - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS35:  States - STATE209: Population Projections, by Race - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS36:  States - STATE210: Race, Hispanic Origin, and Immigrants Admitted - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS37:  States - STATE211: Christian Church and Jewish Population, and Households - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS38:  States - STATE212: Births and Birth Rate - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS39:  States - STATE213: Legal Abortions, Average Lifetime, and Deaths - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS40:  States - STATE214: Deaths, Infant Deaths, and Infant Mortality Rates - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS41:  States - STATE215: Death Rates, by Causes and AIDS Deaths - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS42:  States - STATE216: Marriages and Divorces - Download All Files (46,984 KB)
DS43:  States - STATE217: Physicians, Dentists, and Nurses - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS44:  States - STATE218: Community Hospitals - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS45:  States - STATE219: Community Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Mental Care Facilities - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS46:  States - STATE220: Medicare and Medicaid - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS47:  States - STATE221: Notifiable Diseases - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS48:  States - STATE222: Public Schools and School Enrollment - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS49:  States - STATE223: Public School Enrollment - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS50:  States - STATE224: Elementary and Secondary Schools, Federal Grants, and Revenue Receipts - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS51:  States - STATE225: Elementary and Secondary Schools, Classroom Teachers - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS52:  States - STATE226: Public Elementary and Secondary Classroom Teachers and Educational Programs for the Handicapped - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS53:  States - STATE227: High School Graduates and Institutions of Higher Education - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS54:  States - STATE228: Institutions of Higher Education and Education Attainment - Download All Files (46,984 KB)
DS55:  States - STATE229: Social Welfare Programs - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS56:  States - STATE230: Social Welfare Programs - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS57:  States - STATE231: Workers Compensation, Vocational Rehabilitation, Child Support Program, Child Day Care Services, and Foundations - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS58:  States - STATE232: Crime - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS59:  States - STATE233: Crime and Crime Rate - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS60:  States - STATE234: Crime Rate and Arrests - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS61:  States - STATE235: Federal and State Prisoners, Adults on Probation, and State Correctional Facilities - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS62:  States - STATE236: State Correctional Facilities, Jails, and Juvenile Custody Facilities - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS63:  States - STATE237: Housing - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS64:  States - STATE238: Land Area and Uses - Download All Files (46,976 KB)
DS65:  States - STATE239: Elevations and Water Use - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS66:  States - STATE240: Water Use, Hazardous Waste, Pollution Abatement - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS67:  States - STATE241: Domestic Travel Expenditures and Parks - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS68:  States - STATE242: Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS69:  States - STATE243: Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS70:  States - STATE244: Civilian Labor Force - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS71:  States - STATE245: Nonagricultural Employment - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS72:  States - STATE246: Nonagricultural Employment and Average Annual Pay - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS73:  States - STATE247: Average Annual Pay and Union Membership-Manufacturing - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS74:  States - STATE248: Gross State Product - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS75:  States - STATE249: Total Per Capita Personal Income and Earnings by Selected Industry with Projections - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS76:  States - STATE250: Personal Income - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS77:  States - STATE251: Personal Income - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS78:  States - STATE252: Personal Income - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS79:  States - STATE253: Disposable Personal Income and Money Income - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS80:  States - STATE254: Money Income, Poverty, Top Wealthholders - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS81:  States - STATE255: Private Nonfarm Employment--Establishments - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS82:  States - STATE256: Private Nonfarm Employment - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS83:  States - STATE257: Minority-Owned Business Enterprises - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS84:  States - STATE258: Industrial and Commercial Firms and Sources of Job Growth - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS85:  States - STATE259: Sources of Job Growth, Small Business Contract Actions, Patents, U.S. Exports - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS86:  States - STATE260: U.S. Exports and Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS87:  States - STATE261: Research and Development - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS88:  States - STATE262: Farms - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS89:  States - STATE263: Farms and Farm Operators - Download All Files (46,984 KB)
DS90:  States - STATE264: Farm Finances and Income - Download All Files (46,976 KB)
DS91:  States - STATE265: Farm Income (USDA)--Con - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS92:  States - STATE266: Crops and Livestock - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS93:  States - STATE267: Timber-Based Industries and Fisheries - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS94:  States - STATE268: Mineral Industries and Mineral Production Value - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS95:  States - STATE269: Mining Production Value and Fuels - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS96:  States - STATE270: Construction Industries - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS97:  States - STATE271: Valuation of Construction and New Private Housing Units - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS98:  States - STATE272: Building Permits and Housing Starts - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS99:  States - STATE273: Manufactures--Establishments, Employment, and Production Workers - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS100:  States - STATE274: Manufactures - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS101:  States - STATE275: Export-Related Employment and Shipments and Manufacturing Earnings - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS102:  States - STATE276: Highway Mileage, Bridges, Travel, and Highway Finances - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS103:  States - STATE277: Motor Vehicle Registrations, Trucks, and Motor Vehicle Accidents - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS104:  States - STATE278: Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities - Download All Files (46,984 KB)
DS105:  States - STATE279: Airport Facilities and Operations, Air Carriers - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS106:  States - STATE280: Cable Television, Broadcasting Stations, and Newspapers - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS107:  States - STATE281: Energy Consumption - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS108:  States - STATE282: Energy Consumption and Expenditures - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS109:  States - STATE283: Energy Expenditures and Prices - Download All Files (46,976 KB)
DS110:  States - STATE284: Electric Utilities - Download All Files (46,976 KB)
DS111:  States - STATE285: Utilities - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS112:  States - STATE286: Wholesale Trade - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS113:  States - STATE287: Retail Trade - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS114:  States - STATE288: Retail Trade--Sales - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS115:  States - STATE289: Retail Trade Sales and Employment and Shopping Centers - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS116:  States - STATE290: Tax-Exempt and Taxable Service Industries - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS117:  States - STATE291: Taxable Service Industries - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS118:  States - STATE292: Deposit Shares and Commercial Banks - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS119:  States - STATE293: Financial Institutions - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS120:  States - STATE294: Financial Institutions - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS121:  States - STATE295: State General Operating Fund and Federal Aid - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS122:  States - STATE296: State Government General Revenue and Expenditures - Download All Files (46,976 KB)
DS123:  States - STATE297: State Government Finances and Tax Collections - Download All Files (46,976 KB)
DS124:  States - STATE298: State Government Tax Collections and Employment - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS125:  States - STATE299: Federal Funds and Grants, Federal Employees - Download All Files (46,960 KB)
DS126:  States - STATE300: Popular Vote for President - Download All Files (46,952 KB)
DS127:  States - STATE301: Senators, Composition of Congress, Governors, and Composition of State Legislatures - Download All Files (46,968 KB)
DS128:  States - STATE302: Voting-age population, Registration, and Elected Officials - Download All Files (46,952 KB)

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