National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 1999-2000

Principal Investigator(s): United States Department of Health and Human Services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Center for Health Statistics


WARNING: Because this study has many datasets, the download all files option has been suppressed, and you will need to download one dataset at a time.

DS11:  Examination: Audiometry (Subsample) - Download All Files (25.3 MB)
DS12:  Examination: Audiometry Tympanometry - Download All Files (26.4 MB)
DS13:  Examination: Balance (Subsample) - Download All Files (15.8 MB)
DS14:  Examination: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis - Download All Files (56.8 MB)
DS15:  Examination: Blood Pressure - Download All Files (68.8 MB)
DS16:  Examination: Body Measures - Download All Files (71.1 MB)
DS17:  Examination: Cardiovascular Fitness - Download All Files (40.2 MB)
DS18:  Examination: Composite International Diagnostic Interview (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) (Subsample) - Download All Files (14.8 MB)
DS19:  Examination: Composite International Diagnostic Interview (Major Depression Module) (Subsample) - Download All Files (16.1 MB)
DS20:  Examination: Composite International Diagnostic Interview (Panic Disorder Module) (Subsample) - Download All Files (16.1 MB)
DS21:  Examination: Dietary Interview (Individual Foods File) - Download All Files (1,026.9 MB) large dataset
DS22:  Examination: Dietary Interview (Total Nutrients) - Download All Files (90 MB)
DS23:  Examination: Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXX) - Download All Files (298.3 MB) large dataset
DS24:  Examination: Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXX) -- Subset - Download All Files (10.4 MB)
DS25:  Examination: Lower Extremity Disease (Ankle Brachial Blood Pressure Index) - Download All Files (24.9 MB)
DS26:  Examination: Lower Extremity Disease (Peripheral Neuropathy) - Download All Files (25.7 MB)
DS27:  Examination: Muscular Strength - Download All Files (20.2 MB)
DS28:  Examination: Oral Health (Dentition) - Download All Files (83.7 MB)
DS29:  Examination: Oral Health (Periodontal Section) - Download All Files (63.9 MB)
DS30:  Examination: Oral Health (Referral) - Download All Files (63.1 MB)
DS31:  Examination: Shared Exclusion Questions - Download All Files (63.4 MB)
DS32:  Examination: Tuberculosis - Download All Files (63.4 MB)
DS33:  Examination: Vision Exam - Download All Files (56.2 MB)
DS102:  Laboratory: Surplus Sera Cystatin C - Download All Files (23.6 MB)
DS103:  Laboratory: Antibody to Cytomegalovirus IgG (Surplus Sera) - Download All Files (35.7 MB)
DS104:  Laboratory: Antibody to Human Herpes Virus 1 (Surplus Sera) - Download All Files (14.7 MB)
DS105:  Laboratory: Antibody to Mumps (Surplus Sera) - Download All Files (36 MB)
DS106:  Laboratory: Perfluorinated Chemicals (Surplus Sera) - Download All Files (16.6 MB)
DS107:  Laboratory: Varicella Zoster Virus Antibody (Surplus Sera) - Download All Files (7.2 MB)
DS108:  Laboratory: Serum Transferrin and Receptor (Surplus Sera) - Download All Files (7.4 MB)
DS109:  Laboratory: Phlebotomy - Download All Files (64.1 MB)
DS110:  Laboratory: Phpypa Urinary Phthalates (Subsample) - Download All Files (31.1 MB)
DS111:  Laboratory: Urine Collection (Pregnancy) - Download All Files (17.3 MB)
DS112:  Laboratory: Lab 02 Hepatitis B Surface Antibody - Download All Files (60.8 MB)
DS113:  Laboratory: Lab 02 Hepatitis - Download All Files (61.2 MB)
DS114:  Laboratory: Lab 02 Hepatitis A Antibody - Download All Files (60.9 MB)
DS115:  Laboratory: Lab 03 Human Immunodeficiency Virus - Download All Files (23.8 MB)
DS116:  Laboratory: Lab 04 Volatile Organic Compounds in Blood and Water - Download All Files (12 MB)
DS117:  Laboratory: Lab 05 Chlamydia and Gonorrhea - Download All Files (19 MB)
DS118:  Laboratory: Lab 06 Nutritional Biochemistries - Download All Files (71.3 MB)
DS119:  Laboratory: Lab 06Hm Heavy Metals (Subsample) - Download All Files (29.9 MB)
DS120:  Laboratory: Lab 07 Latex - Download All Files (38.8 MB)
DS121:  Laboratory: Lab 09 Herpes I and II - Download All Files (31.1 MB)
DS122:  Laboratory: Lab 10 Glycohemoglobin - Download All Files (49.2 MB)
DS123:  Laboratory: Lab 10Am Plasma Glucose (Subsample) - Download All Files (27.4 MB)
DS124:  Laboratory: Lab 11 C Reactive Protein - Download All Files (60.4 MB)
DS125:  Laboratory: Lab 13 Total Cholesterol - Download All Files (60 MB)
DS126:  Laboratory: Lab 13Am Triglycerides (Subsample) - Download All Files (31.4 MB)
DS127:  Laboratory: Lab 16 Urinary Albumin and Creatinine - Download All Files (56.6 MB)
DS128:  Laboratory: Lab 17 Cryptosporidum and Toxoplasma - Download All Files (42.6 MB)
DS129:  Laboratory: Lab 18 Biochemistry Profile and Hormones - Download All Files (56 MB)
DS130:  Laboratory: Lab 18T4 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroxine (Subsample) - Download All Files (20.6 MB)
DS131:  Laboratory: Lab 19 Measles Rubella and Varicella - Download All Files (42.3 MB)
DS132:  Laboratory: Lab 20 Lead Dust - Download All Files (12.8 MB)
DS133:  Laboratory: Lab 21 Volatile Organic Compounds (Subsample) - Download All Files (12.3 MB)
DS134:  Laboratory: Lab 22 Hair Mercury - Download All Files (24 MB)
DS135:  Laboratory: Lab 25 Complete Blood Count - Download All Files (67.1 MB)
DS136:  Laboratory: Lab 26 Pesticides (Subsample) - Download All Files (27.7 MB)
DS137:  Laboratory: Lab 28 Dioxins (Subsample) - Download All Files (35.1 MB)
DS201:  Questionnaire: Acculturation - Download All Files (52.7 MB)
DS202:  Questionnaire: Alcohol Use - Download All Files (34.8 MB)
DS203:  Questionnaire: Audiometry - Download All Files (67 MB)
DS204:  Questionnaire: Balance - Download All Files (26.7 MB)
DS205:  Questionnaire: Blood Pressure - Download All Files (46.4 MB)
DS206:  Questionnaire: Cardiovascular Disease and Health - Download All Files (26.1 MB)
DS207:  Questionnaire: Cognitive Functioning - Download All Files (17.5 MB)
DS208:  Questionnaire: Current Health Status - Download All Files (63.2 MB)
DS209:  Questionnaire: Dermatology - Download All Files (65.8 MB)
DS210:  Questionnaire: Diabetes - Download All Files (67.6 MB)
DS211:  Questionnaire: Diet Behavior and Alcohol Consumption - Download All Files (74.5 MB)
DS212:  Questionnaire: Dietary Supplement Use -- Supplement Counts - Download All Files (69.2 MB)
DS213:  Questionnaire: Dietary Supplement Use -- Participants Use of Supplement - Download All Files (56.2 MB)
DS214:  Questionnaire: Dietary Supplement Use -- Supplement Information - Download All Files (6.6 MB)
DS215:  Questionnaire: Dietary Supplement Use -- Ingredient Information - Download All Files (10.8 MB)
DS216:  Questionnaire: Dietary Supplement Use -- Supplement Blend - Download All Files (6 MB)
DS217:  Questionnaire: Drug Use - Download All Files (24.2 MB)
DS218:  Questionnaire: Early Childhood - Download All Files (31.3 MB)
DS219:  Questionnaire: Family Smoking - Download All Files (69.6 MB)
DS220:  Questionnaire: Food Security - Download All Files (70.5 MB)
DS221:  Questionnaire: Health Insurance - Download All Files (69.8 MB)
DS222:  Questionnaire: Hospital Utilization - Download All Files (69.8 MB)
DS223:  Questionnaire: Housing Characteristics - Download All Files (70.7 MB)
DS224:  Questionnaire: Immunization - Download All Files (69.1 MB)
DS225:  Questionnaire: Kidney Conditions - Download All Files (37.7 MB)
DS226:  Questionnaire: Medical Conditions - Download All Files (85.3 MB)
DS227:  Questionnaire: Miscellaneous Pain - Download All Files (39.9 MB)
DS228:  Questionnaire: Occupation - Download All Files (54.9 MB)
DS229:  Questionnaire: Oral Health - Download All Files (65.6 MB)
DS230:  Questionnaire: Osteoporosis - Download All Files (40 MB)
DS231:  Questionnaire: Analgesics Pain Relievers - Download All Files (38.1 MB)
DS232:  Questionnaire: Pesticide Use - Download All Files (70.2 MB)
DS233:  Questionnaire: Physical Activity - Download All Files (66.4 MB)
DS234:  Questionnaire: Physical Activity Individual Activities File - Download All Files (65.5 MB)
DS235:  Questionnaire: Physical Functioning - Download All Files (75.8 MB)
DS236:  Questionnaire: Prescription Medications - Download All Files (112.3 MB)
DS237:  Questionnaire: Drug Information - Download All Files (11.8 MB)
DS238:  Questionnaire: Reproductive Health - Download All Files (33.2 MB)
DS239:  Questionnaire: Respiratory Health - Download All Files (67.8 MB)
DS240:  Questionnaire: Sexual Behavior - Download All Files (24.7 MB)
DS241:  Questionnaire: Smoking and Tobacco Use (MEC) - Download All Files (52.5 MB)
DS242:  Questionnaire: Smoking and Tobacco Use - Download All Files (39.5 MB)
DS243:  Questionnaire: Social Support - Download All Files (17.7 MB)
DS244:  Questionnaire: Tuberculosis - Download All Files (66.4 MB)
DS246:  Questionnaire: Weight History - Download All Files (47.4 MB)

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