Measuring Citizen and Government Ideology in the United States (ICPSR 188)

Principal Investigator(s): Berry, William D., Florida State University; Ringquist, Evan J., Florida State University; Fording, Richard C., University of Kentucky; Hanson, Russell L., Indiana University, Bloomington


For this article, annual measures of the ideology of a state's citizens and political leaders were created using the roll-call voting scores of state legislatures, the party of the governor, and various assumptions regarding voters and state political elites. In addition to measures reported in the original article for all states for 1960-1993, updated measures through 2004 (for the citizen measure) and 2002 (for the political leaders measure) are included as well. The replication dataset for this study, along with the most recent update of the authors' state ideology measures, are available at the link listed below.

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Subject Terms:    citizen attitudes, political leaders, state legislatures, state politics

Geographic Coverage:    United States

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These data are not available for distribution by ICPSR. Users should consult the Web site listed for details on obtaining the data and documentation.