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Daily In-Home Activity Metrics from the Intelligent Systems for Assessing Aging Changes (ISAAC), 2011 (43)

Daily Operation of the United States Senate, 1975 (319)

Danish Election Studies Continuity File, 1971-1981 (118)

Data Bank of Assassinations, 1948-1967 (22)

Data Bank of Minority Group Conflict, 1955-1965 (58)

Data Confrontation Seminar, 1969: United States Data (1149)

Data Sharing in the Social Sciences, 2009 [United States] Public Use Data (109)

Data on International Election Monitoring: Three Global Datasets on Election Quality, Election Events and International Election Observation (195)

Data-Driven Supervision Protocols for Positive Parole Outcomes in Georgia, 2007-2008 (218)

Database of [United States] Congressional Historical Statistics, 1789-1989 (237)

Datasets on Charges of Malfeasance, Preference Votes, Government Portfolios, and Characteristics of Legislators, Chamber of Deputies, Republic of Italy, Legislatures I-XI, 1948-1992 (80)

Deaths in Custody Reporting Program: Jail Populations, 2000-2013 (187)

Deaths in Custody Reporting Program: State Prisons 2001 - 2009 (68)

Decision Making on Early Retirement, 1965-1969 (373)

Decision-Related Research on the Organization of Service Delivery Systems in Metropolitan Areas: Police Protection (1866)

Decision-Related Research on the Organization of Service Delivery Systems in Metropolitan Areas: Solid Waste Management (2184)

Decision-Related Research on the Organization of Service Delivery Systems in Metropolitan Areas: Fire Protection (1869)

Defining Law Enforcement's Role in Protecting American Agriculture From Agroterrorism in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, 2003-2004 (244)

Delegate Positions on All Substantive Roll Calls at the United States Constitutional Convention, 1787 (71)

Delegate Votes on 28 Motions at the United States Constitutional Convention, 1787 (60)

Demographic Characteristics of Washtenaw County, Michigan, in 1860 (20)

Demographic Characteristics of the Population of Detroit, 1850-1880 (32)

Demographic Characteristics of the Population of the United States, 1930-1950: County-Level (493)

Demographic Components of Change File of the United States, States and Counties, 1980-1990 (33)

Demographic, Social, Educational and Economic Data for France, 1833-1925 (27398)

Demography in Frontier Indiana, 1820 (43)

Descriptors and Measurements of the Height of Runaway Slaves and Indentured Servants in the United States, 1700-1850 (21)

Determinants of Vertical Integration in the Egyptian Garment Industry, 2002 (4553)

Deterrent Effects of Punishment on Crime Rates, 1959-1960 (66)

Detroit Arab American Study (DAAS), 2003 (369)

Detroit Area Study 1978: A Study of the Family (493)

Detroit Area Study and Chicago Area Study, 2004 (998)

Detroit Area Study, 1953: Child Training Patterns Among Urban Families and Attitudes and Perceptions of Consensus of Group Members (257)

Detroit Area Study, 1954: Ideal Family Size in Detroit and Administrative Behavior in a Metropolitan Community (218)

Detroit Area Study, 1955: A Description of Urban Kinship Patterns and The Urban Family (580)

Detroit Area Study, 1956: Orientation on Moral Issues in a Metropolis and The Meaning of Work (295)

Detroit Area Study, 1957: Party Leadership and Political Behavior and Intra-Class Correlation of Attitudes in Detroit (520)

Detroit Area Study, 1958: The Religious Factor (429)

Detroit Area Study, 1959: The Vitality of Supernatural Experience and a Fiscal Research Program (494)

Detroit Area Study, 1960: Labor and Leisure in the Urban Community, A Study of Social Order and Social Change (600)

Detroit Area Study, 1961: Work Group Influence and Political Participation (411)

Detroit Area Study, 1962: Family Growth in Detroit (473)

Detroit Area Study, 1963: A Study of Family-School Relationships in Detroit (340)

Detroit Area Study, 1964: The Measurement and Validation of International Attitudes (518)

Detroit Area Study, 1965: A Study of Placement of Events in Time (569)

Detroit Area Study, 1966: Stratified Association and Values in the Urban Community (507)

Detroit Area Study, 1967: Citizens in Search of Justice (318)

Detroit Area Study, 1968: Black Attitudes in Detroit (308)

Detroit Area Study, 1969: White Attitudes and Actions on Urban Problems (420)

Detroit Area Study, 1970: Careers in Detroit (725)

Detroit Area Study, 1971: Social Problems and Social Change in Detroit (406)

Detroit Area Study, 1972: A Comparative Study on Personnel Practices in Private Firms (1108)

Detroit Area Study, 1973: A Study of the Civil Military Interface and the Application of Laboratory Methodologies in a Survey Setting (644)

Detroit Area Study, 1974: A Study of Women's Labor Force Participation (737)

Detroit Area Study, 1975: A Study of Community Life and Politics (515)

Detroit Area Study, 1976: A Study of Metropolitan and Neighborhood Problems (377)

Detroit Area Study, 1977: Attitude-Behavior Consistency and Attribution of Responsibility (607)

Detroit Area Study, 1979: A Study of Metropolitan Issues (473)

Detroit Area Study, 1980: The Sociology of Knowledge and the Quality of Life in Detroit (381)

Detroit Area Study, 1981: A Study of the Family (597)

Detroit Area Study, 1982: Child Rearing Values and Practices (428)

Detroit Area Study, 1983: Attitudes and Experiences in Detroit (320)

Detroit Area Study, 1984: The Process of Mate Choice and Nuptiality in Detroit (454)

Detroit Area Study, 1985: Life Events in Everyday Experience (536)

Detroit Area Study, 1987: A Study of Greater Detroit (567)

Detroit Area Study, 1988: Perspectives on the Care of the Elderly (504)

Detroit Area Study, 1989: Political Participation in the Detroit Area (508)

Detroit Area Study, 1990: Community Issues (438)

Detroit Area Study, 1991: Collective Memories (357)

Detroit Area Study, 1992: Social Change in Detroit (350)

Detroit Area Study, 1994: Impact of Education on Attitudes (411)

Detroit Area Study, 1995: Social Influence on Health: Stress, Racism, and Health Protective Resources (555)

Detroit Area Study, 1996: Social Interaction and Survey Participation (725)

Detroit Area Study, 1997: Social Change in Religion and Child Rearing (596)

Detroit Area Study, 1998: White Racial Ideology (180)

Detroit Area Study, 1999: Life and Death Decision Making (381)

Detroit Area Study, 2001: Quality of Life in the Metro-Detroit Area (769)

Detroit Area Study, 2002 (285)

Detroit Area Study, 2003: Information and Values in Today's Society (388)

Developing Uniform Performance Measures for Policing in the United States: A Pilot Project in Four Agencies, 2008-2009 (148)

Developing a Common Metric for Evaluating Police Performance in Deadly Force Situations in the United States, 2009-2011 (685)

Developing a Comprehensive Empirical Model of Policing in the United States, 1996-1999 (87)

Developing and Validating a Brief Jail Mental Health Screen in Maryland and New York, 2005-2006 (383)

Development and Malleability from Childhood to Adulthood in Baltimore, Maryland, 2001-2005 (1535)

Development and Measurement of Social Indicators, 1972-1973 (1665)

Development and Validation of the Critical Consciousness Scale (66)

Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT): Part I - Current Population Survey, April 1971, Augmented With DOT Characteristics and Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT): Part II - Fourth Edition Dictionary of DOT Scores for 1970 Census Categories (271)

Diffusion of Public Policy Innovation Among the American States (171)

Dimensionality of Nations Project: Nation Attribute Data, 1950-1965 (453)

Dimensionality of Nations Project: Attributes of Nations and Behavior of Nation Dyads, 1950-1965 (276)

Dimensions and Use of the Scholarly Information Environment, 2001 (2165)

Dimensions of Conflict Behavior Within and Between Nations, 1955-1960 (178)

Dimensions of Interaction, 1948-1973 (31)

Direction of Trade (68)

Directory of Law Enforcement Agencies, 1992: [United States] (25)

Discourse Processing in Healthy Aging in the United States (39)

Displaced New Orleans Residents Pilot Study (DNORPS) (451)

Dissociating Affect and Deliberation in Choice Processes, 2001 (336)

Disturbances in France, 1830-1860 and 1930-1960: Intensive Sample (1094)

Diversity Survey of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Grantees, 2015 (76)

Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence in the United States, 1993 (161)

Domestic Affairs Study, October 1954 (27)

Domestic Conflict Behavior, 1919-1966 (351)

Domestic Violence Experiment in King's County (Brooklyn), New York, 1995-1997 (1758)

Drinking and Driving: A Survey of Licensed Drivers in the United States, 1986 (73)

Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS), 1991-1994: [United States] (9782)

Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study--Adolescent (DATOS-A), 1993-1995: [United States] (9473)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 1994: [United States] (172)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 1997: [United States] (172)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2004 (213)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2005 (213)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2006 (213)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2007 (213)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2008 (213)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2009 (285)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2010 (285)

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2011 (285)

Drug Services Research Survey, 1990: [United States] (1103)

Drug Use Among Young American Indians: Epidemiology and Prediction, 1993-2006 and 2009-2013 (534)

Drug Use Trajectories: Ethnic/Racial Comparisons, 1998-2002 [United-States] (4832)

Drug consumption, collected online March 2011 to March 2012, English-speaking countries (32)

Drugs, Alcohol, and Student Crime in the United States, April-May 1989 (116)

Dutch Continuous Survey, 1972 (110)

Dutch Election Data, 1888-1917 (526)

Dutch Election Study, 1970-1973 (878)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Panel Study, 1971-1979 (1922)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Panel Study, 1981-1986 (796)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Panel Study, 1986-1989 (508)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Panel Study, 1989-1994 (488)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies Data Source Book, 1971-1989 (271)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study Cumulative Dataset, 1971-2006 (429)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1967 (56)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1971 (795)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1981 (796)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1982 (668)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1986: Stratified Sample (112)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1989 (310)

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1994 (490)

Dyadic Disputes, 1920-1968 (114)

Dynamics of Change in the Criminal Case Plea Bargaining System: New York City, 1800-1890 (357)

Dynamics of Household Land Use and Economic Welfare on the Amazon Frontier, 1996-2005, Rondonia, Brazil (141)

Dynamics of Retail Methamphetamine Markets in New York City, 2007-2009 (68)