Q32: Own firearm

Do you or does any other member of your household own a handgun, rifle, shotgun, or any other kind of firearm?

1 Yes, self 21320.8%
2 Yes, other member of household 14113.8%
3 Yes, self and other member of household 898.7%
4 No 55754.3%
9 Don't know/No answer 252.4%
Total 1,025 100%

Based upon 1,025 valid cases out of 1,025 total cases.

Location: 72-72 (width: 1; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric


Source: This variable was taken from: CBS News/60 Minutes/Vanity Fair National Poll, April #2, 2012.

Copyright: ICPSR has an FAQ on copyright and survey instruments.

Disclaimer: The frequencies for this variable may not be weighted. They are purely descriptive and may not be representative of the study population. Please use with caution and consult the study documentation.

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