PUD072: # treatments in yard by non-professional

Target: B(0 Yrs. to 150 Yrs.) English Text: [In the past month], when these chemical products were used to treat your lawn or yard, how many times did . . .a non-professional exterminator apply these products? English Instructions:

1 One time only 6916.3%
2 Two or more times 2232.0%
Missing Data
. - 10,12591.7%
Total NaN 100%

Location: 36-38 (width: 3; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric


Source: This variable was taken from: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2001-2002.

Copyright: ICPSR has an FAQ on copyright and survey instruments.

Disclaimer: The frequencies for this variable may not be weighted. They are purely descriptive and may not be representative of the study population. Please use with caution and consult the study documentation.

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