R7SRVDISP: R7 Survey Disposition

Blank 26,86526.4%
M10 completed survey (> 80% complete) 52,32951.4%
M11 non-response: partial complete (> 50% but < 80% complete) 5810.6%
M20 ineligible: deceased 2240.2%
M21 ineligible: not enrolled in MCO 60.0%
M22 ineligible: end stage renal disease 00.0%
M23 ineligible: language barrier 1510.1%
M31 non-response: break-off (>0% but <50% complete) 2400.2%
M32 non-response: refusal 2570.3%
M33 non-response: unavailable 280.0%
M34 non-response: physically/or mentally incapacitated 770.1%
M35 non-response: institutionalized 360.0%
M36 non-response: after maximum 2,7912.7%
T10 completed survey (> 80% complete) 6,6106.5%
T11 non-response: partial complete (> 50% but < 80% complete) 5110.5%
T20 ineligible: deceased 3230.3%
T21 ineligible: not enrolled in MCO 1230.1%
T22 ineligible: end stage renal disease 00.0%
T23 ineligible: language barrier 3170.3%
T24 ineligible: bad address AND non-working/unlisted phone number or member is unknown at the dialed phone number 3710.4%
T31 non-response: break-off (>0% but <50% complete) 9891.0%
T32 non-response: refusal 5,2235.1%
T33 non-response: unavailable 7810.8%
T34 non-response: physically/or mentally incapacitated 2890.3%
T35 non-response: institutionalized 1020.1%
T36 non-response: after maximum 2,6302.6%
Total 101,854 100%

Based upon 101,854 valid cases out of 101,854 total cases.

Location: 195-197 (width: 3; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: character


Source: This variable was taken from: Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS), 1998-2012.

Copyright: ICPSR has an FAQ on copyright and survey instruments.

Disclaimer: The frequencies for this variable may not be weighted. They are purely descriptive and may not be representative of the study population. Please use with caution and consult the study documentation.

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