Why is that (it is difficult to move from one class to another)?

1 Occupation -- occupational levels too far apart; opportunities for getting better jobs too limited 411.4%
2 Money, income, wealth -- differences in wealth too limited 1665.7%
3 Education, intelligence -- differences in education too great; educational opportunities limited; class bias in schools, some people intelligent, others not 1284.4%
4 Family -- family background, connections too important; can't marry behond class 852.9%
5 Manners and morals -- snobbishness of higher classes too strong; differences of manners, speech, moral standards too great 1705.8%
6 Environment -- difference between nice houses, areas and slums too great; opportunities for getting better housing limited 260.9%
7 Rigidity of class boundaries, general -- are still strong class feelings, differences 1174.0%
Missing Data
0 - 2,18474.7%
9 Other 50.2%
Total 2,922 100%

Based upon 733 valid cases out of 2,922 total cases.

Location: 1365-1365 (width: 1; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: numeric

(Range of) Missing Values: 0 , 9


Source: This variable was taken from: Political Change in Britain, 1963-1970.

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