German Politbarometer Series

Investigator(s): Forschungsgruppe Wahlen (Mannheim)

The Politbarometer series of German Election Studies has been administered monthly since 1977. Surveys were conducted only in West Germany until 1990, when East German Politbarometers were added to the series. During the years in which there is a federal election, these surveys are considered part of the German Election Study series. The surveys are intended to assess the attitudes and opinions of eligible German voters on current events and problems, as well as on parties and politicians. In 1996-1998, the surveys were united and were not designated as East or West. Each data collection normally includes a cumulative file of the monthly Politbarometer surveys for a single year. In these surveys, certain political questions are asked each month, while other topical questions are asked irregularly or only once.

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Most Recent Publications

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