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Classification of Rapists Implementation and Validation, Final Report
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Nov 1991
A previous research project had developed a classification system that contained 10 subtypes. However, this system had significant reliability problems. The present research used a rational/clinical and empirical/analytical methodology to revise this MTC:R2 system. The result was the MTC:R3 classification system which contained four general rapist types encompassing nine rapist subtypes. These were (1) Opportunistic with two social competence subtypes; (2) Pervasively Angry or Sexual with four subtypes related to sadism and social competence; and (3) Vindictive with two social competence subtypes. The system was applied to 300 cases at the Massachusetts Treatment Center. The results showed high reliability and reasonable concurrent validities. source
NCJ 133784
National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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