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Victims' Needs and Victim Services: Final Report to the National Institute of Justice, Final Report
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While the need most frequently expressed by crime victims was advice or counseling, they also raised a number of security-related concerns including security device installation, prevention of future victimization, and protection from their assailants. Victims also needed help with household logistics and replacement of stolen property. While local Victim Assistance Programs offered counseling and advice, most assistance in every need category came from family and friends. One-third of respondents had been in contact with local services that they had heard about through word of mouth or the media. The survey indicated a serious mismatch between victims' needs and victim service. Although victims were generally satisfied with the services they received, there were dramatic levels of unassisted need in filing insurance claims, obtaining security-related help and legal advice, and resolving financial problems. source
NCJ 132415
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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