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Juvenile Court Statistics, 1982
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The report has four purposes: (1) to index the nature and extent of problems before the juvenile courts (2) to bring out significant trends in methods of treatment and scope of juvenile court work; (3) to note factors contributing to problems coming before the court, with an end to correcting and preventing them; and (4) to show courts' effectiveness in correcting social problems. This report estimates that in 1982 a total of 1,292,500 delinquency cases were disposed by courts with juvenile jurisdiction, an average of 43.2 cases for every 1,000 children ages 10 through 17. Fourteen tables break down the statistical findings, indicating as well the relationship between delinquency and dependency-neglect situations. An appendix shows cases disposed by reporting counties in every State, with footnotes presenting relevant and differing political and demographic data. source
NCJ 98296
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