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Prosecutors in State Courts, 2007
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Statistical Tables
Pub. Date:
Dec 2011
Presents findings on felony caseloads and convictions in the 2,330 chief prosecutors' offices in the United States that handled felony cases in state courts of general jurisdiction. The report summarizes the annual office budget, tenure and salaries of chief state court prosecutors, and the full-time office staffing, including attorneys, investigators, victim advocates, and support personnel. It presents data on threats against staff and data on staff who carry firearms. It details the number of felony cases closed, felony jury trial verdicts, and the use of DNA evidence. Statistical tables include selected types of cases prosecuted, such as methamphetamine production, use of internet for child exploitation, elder abuse, and gang-related violence. Data are from the 2007 National Census of State Court Prosecutors, the second complete census of all state prosecutors' offices litigating felony cases in state courts of general jurisdiction.
NCJ 234211
United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics
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Washington, DC

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