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Drug Testing, Drug Treatment, and the Confined Offender: The Phoenix In-Jail Pilot Study, Final Report
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Jul 1993
The Drug Testing Technology/Focused Offender Disposition Program (FOD) was designed to include all persons entering probation with a recent history of drug use. The initial evaluation of the Phoenix program included only the probationers who were not confined while awaiting sentencing. Following the completion of the FOD program in Phoenix, a small pilot program was designed to include only those offenders on probation who had been detained in jail while awaiting sentencing. The program aimed to identify the constraints and pitfalls involved in implementing a FOD program with this offender population and to determine whether urinalysis monitoring alone was as successful as when urinalysis monitoring was combined with some standard treatment modality for this in-jail population of probationers. The control group contained 50 probationers, and the treatment group contained 40 probationers. The evaluation found that probation success, as measured by whether or not probation was revoked, did not differ significantly between those who received only random urinalysis monitoring and those who received both urinalysis monitoring and treatment. This finding reinforces the conclusions of the earlier Phoenix FOD study and suggests that the findings of the earlier study would not have changed if the population of the current study had been included in it. source
NCJ 149021
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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