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Dynamics of Job and Housing Locations and the Work Trip: Evidence from Puget Sound Transportation Panel
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Transportation Research Record No. 1463
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Residence and workplace locations are the defining elements for the work trip. However, until recently both have been treated in theoretical and empirical research as static determinants instead of being recognized for the numerous locational changes that occur every year. Many such changes can be viewed as adjustments to housing and commuting conditions. Panel surveys can provide data bases suitable for analyzing such adjustments. The Puget Sound Transportation Panel (PSTP) was used to draw household and worker samples for exploring the magnitude of locational changes and their effects on home-to-work travel behavior. Descriptive analysis indicated no strong evidence of bias as a result of panel attrition. Results showed high levels of residence and workplace location changes, connections to reductions in home-to-work distances for long work trips, and shifts in the usual travel mode to work, especially out of transit and carpooling and particularly for women workers. The PSTP data base is evaluated for its ability to support further dynamic demographic analysis. source
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Washington, DC

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