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Controlling Victimization in Schools: Effective Discipline and Control Strategies, Final Report
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The research involved separate anonymously completed surveys of students, teachers, and principals in each of the 44 junior and senior high schools in an Ohio county that agreed to participate in the survey. Data collection took place in February 1994. The three questionnaires collected information about demographics, perceptions about school discipline and control, information about weapons and gangs in the school, and perceptions about school crime and personal victimization. The surveys also asked whether the school had a student court and what sanctions the court could impose for various forms of student misconduct. Additional study information came from census data for a quarter-mile radius around each campus and from arrest statistics for the reporting district around each school. Further study information came from a windshield survey in which researchers conducted a visual inventory of neighborhood characteristics such as housing type and quality and the presence of graffiti and gang graffiti. The material in the data collection includes three data files, a user guide, codebooks and data collection instruments in one PDF file, and SAS and SPSS data definition statements. Instruments and descriptions of variables and missing data source
NCJ 193502
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC

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