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Mortality in Local Jails, 2000-2007
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Special Report: Deaths in Custody Reporting Program
Pub. Date:
Jul 2010
Describes the specific medical conditions causing deaths in jails nationwide during an eight-year period. For the leading medical causes of mortality, comparative estimates and mortality rates are presented by gender, age, race and Hispanic origin, and the length of time served in jail. The report includes detailed statistics on causes of death as well as more acute events such as suicides, homicides and accidents. Mortality as related to the size of the jail will also be discussed. Jail inmate death rates are compared with rates in the general U.S. resident population using a direct standardization. Estimates and mortality rates for the top 50 jail jurisdictions in the United States are also presented. Revised Oct 2010. An errata sheet explaining the purpose of these revisions is also available for review. source
NCJ 222988
United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics
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Washington, DC

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