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Book Section
Examining the Dynamics of Serious Violent Incidents Among Inner-City, Adolescent, Public School Students in Atlanta, Georgia
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Trends, Risks, and Interventions in Lethal Violence: Proceedings of the Third Annual Spring Symposium of the Homicide Research Working Group. Research Report
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Researchers will interview 200 violent delinquents, perform a content analysis of the interview transcripts, survey social service agency staff, and conduct workshops with young people and agency staff. This paper discusses the extent of the problem of violence among youth living in Atlanta, outlines the research design used here, and reviews the available literature. The discussion of the study methodology covers project tasks and activities, sampling, interview procedures, and content analysis of interviews. Findings will be presented in a final report targeted at criminal justice, juvenile justice, social service, public health, and public school personnel, and will be make available in a format that lends itself to adaptation into staff training manuals for violence prevention efforts. 21 references source
NCJ 159910
Block, Carolyn; Block, Richard
United States Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
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Washington, DC
279 - 285

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