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Jails in Indian Country, 2004
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Nov 2006
It includes data on the number of adults and juveniles held, type of offense, number of persons confined on the last weekday of each month, average daily population, peak population, admissions in June 2004, and number of inmate deaths. The Bulletin summarizes rated capacity, facility crowding, and jail staffing. Based on an addendum to the 2004 survey, data are presented on inmate medical and mental health services, suicide prevention, substance dependency programs, domestic violence counseling, sex offender treatment, educational programs, and inmate work assignments. Highlights include the following: (1) at midyear 2004 jails in Indian country held 1,745 inmates, 39 percent of whom were confined for a violent offense; (2) State, Federal, local, and Tribal authorities were supervising 54,915 American Indians at midyear 2004--31,738 were under community supervision and 11,485 were held in State prisons; and (3) most of the reporting facilities said they had policies to test inmates for infectious diseases: 35 facilities tested for HIV, 37 for hepatitis B and C, and 38 for tuberculosis. source
NCJ 214257
United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics
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Washington, DC

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