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Users have two options for identifying studies related to a particular topic.

  • Topic Classifications address topics broadly, and are meant to be a good starting point for exploring the collection.

  • The Thesaurus contains both broad and narrow terms that are more specific to the subject matter of individual studies.

  • Our Thematic Collections are full websites that focus on particular subject areas.

Topic Classifications

  1. Census Enumerations: Historical and Contemporary Population Characteristics

  2. Community and Urban Studies

  3. Conflict, Aggression, Violence, Wars

  4. Economic Behavior and Attitudes

  5. Education

  6. Elites and Leadership

  7. Geography and Environment

  8. Government Structures, Policies, and Capabilities

  9. Health Care and Facilities

  10. Instructional Packages

  11. International Systems: Linkages, Relationships, and Events

  12. Legal Systems

  13. Legislative and Deliberative Bodies

  14. Mass Political Behavior and Attitudes

  15. Organizational Behavior

  16. Social Indicators

  17. Social Institutions and Behavior

  18. Replication Datasets (more info)

  19. External Data Resources

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