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HIV Intervention Among Women at High Risk (ICPSR 35920)
Yang, Xiushi
HIV Prevalence, Sexual Behavior, and Attitudes Toward Circumcision: Colombian MSM (ICPSR 35942)
Zea, Maria Cecilia; Reisen, Carol A.; Poppen, Paul J.; et al.
HIV Risk and Access to Healthcare Among Mexican Migrants (ICPSR 35906)
Martinez-Donate, Ana P.; Rangel, M. Gudelia
Implementing HIV Risk Reduction Zambia (ICPSR 35844)
Jones, Deborah Lynne
Innovations in Early Life Course Transitions (ICPSR 36002)
Choe, Minja K.
Integrated Fertility Survey Series, Release 7, 1955-2002 [United States] (ICPSR 26344)
Smock, Pamela; Granda, Peter; Hoelter, Lynette
Integrated Samples of Eurasian Censuses (ICPSR 36008)
McCaa, Robert Edward
Integrated Samples of Latin American Censuses (ICPSR 35983)
McCaa, Robert Edward
IPUMS 1930 Sample: Competing Continuation (ICPSR 36001)
Ruggles, Steven

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