Data Sharing for Demographic Research
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Indonesian Family Life Survey, 1993

Principal Investigator(s): Gertler, Paul; Lembaga Demografi; RAND Corporation


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DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  Household, Book CA--Cover Page, Anthropometry - Download All Files (7,221 KB)
DS2:  Household, Book CA--Anthropometry Roster - Download All Files (22,344 KB)
DS3:  Household, Book K--Visit Record - Download All Files (11,833 KB)
DS4:  Household, Book K--Respondent Selection - Download All Files (15,429 KB)
DS5:  Household, Book K--Survey Disposition - Download All Files (11,991 KB)
DS6:  Household, Book I--Cover Page - Download All Files (6,018 KB)
DS7:  Household, Book I--Household Roster - Download All Files (41,838 KB)
DS8:  Household, Book I--Household Characteristics - Download All Files (6,122 KB)
DS9:  Household, Book I--Food Item Consumption & Own Production - Download All Files (24,108 KB)
DS10:  Household, Book I--Transfer of Food Items - Download All Files (2,179 KB)
DS11:  Household, Book I--Nonfood Items in Past Month - Download All Files (9,846 KB)
DS12:  Household, Book I--Nonfood Items in Past Year - Download All Files (9,574 KB)
DS13:  Household, Book I--Education Expenditures - Download All Files (2,682 KB)
DS14:  Household, Book I--Purchases in Last Month - Download All Files (22,561 KB)
DS15:  Household, Book I--Health Provider Knowledge - Download All Files (36,997 KB)
DS16:  Household, Book I--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2,015 KB)
DS17:  Household, Book II--Cover Page, Farm Business - Download All Files (9,093 KB)
DS18:  Household, Book II--Farm Business Assets - Download All Files (11,311 KB)
DS19:  Household, Book II--Nonfarm Business - Download All Files (3,941 KB)
DS20:  Household, Book II--Nonfarm Business Assets - Download All Files (9,931 KB)
DS21:  Household, Book II--Individual Income - Download All Files (5,489 KB)
DS22:  Household, Book II--Other Income Sources - Download All Files (15,927 KB)
DS23:  Household, Book II--Household Assets - Download All Files (54,805 KB)
DS24:  Household, Book II--Household Data - Download All Files (2,497 KB)
DS25:  Household, Book II--Economic Hardships - Download All Files (13,966 KB)
DS26:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (8,079 KB)
DS27:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Companies - Download All Files (1,081 KB)
DS28:  Household, Book II--Individual Health Insurance: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (4,950 KB)
DS29:  Household, Book II--Individual Health Insurance: Companies - Download All Files (762 KB)
DS30:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Medical Benefits: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (6,014 KB)
DS31:  Household, Book II--Employer-Provided Medical Benefits: Type of Benefit - Download All Files (909 KB)
DS32:  Household, Book II--Care at Company Clinic: Who Is Covered - Download All Files (3,257 KB)
DS33:  Household, Book II--Care at Company Clinic: Clinics - Download All Files (858 KB)
DS34:  Household, Book II--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2,009 KB)
DS35:  Household, Book III--Cover Page - Download All Files (15,472 KB)
DS36:  Household, Book III--Education Summary - Download All Files (6,975 KB)
DS37:  Household, Book III--Levels of Schooling - Download All Files (13,334 KB)
DS38:  Household, Book III--Last School Attended - Download All Files (9,747 KB)
DS39:  Household, Book III--Work Experience - Download All Files (13,731 KB)
DS40:  Household, Book III--Current Jobs, Primary & Secondary - Download All Files (25,375 KB)
DS41:  Household, Book III--Primary & Secondary Jobs During Past 5 Years - Download All Files (57,413 KB)
DS42:  Household, Book III--Employment History: First Job - Download All Files (18,296 KB)
DS43:  Household, Book III--Time Allocation - Download All Files (6,982 KB)
DS44:  Household, Book III--Marriage Summary - Download All Files (6,350 KB)
DS45:  Household, Book III--Marital History - Download All Files (8,069 KB)
DS46:  Household, Book III--Husband's Desire for More Children - Download All Files (3,346 KB)
DS47:  Household, Book III--Pregnancy Summary - Download All Files (2,246 KB)
DS48:  Household, Book III--Migration History: Birth, Age 12, First Marriage - Download All Files (35,504 KB)
DS49:  Household, Book III--Migration History - Download All Files (21,877 KB)
DS50:  Household, Book III--Last Move to Current Residence - Download All Files (4,632 KB)
DS51:  Household, Book III--Circular Migration: Trigger Questions - Download All Files (4,791 KB)
DS52:  Household, Book III--Circular Migration: History - Download All Files (2,921 KB)
DS53:  Household, Book III--Smoking Habits - Download All Files (9,528 KB)
DS54:  Household, Book III--Current Health & Activities of Daily Living - Download All Files (14,778 KB)
DS55:  Household, Book III--Health Conditions During Past 4 Weeks - Download All Files (13,653 KB)
DS56:  Household, Book III--Acute Morbidity - Download All Files (64,192 KB)
DS57:  Household, Book III--Self-Treatment - Download All Files (6,933 KB)
DS58:  Household, Book III--Outpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (11,319 KB)
DS59:  Household, Book III--Outpatient Visits - Download All Files (6,027 KB)
DS60:  Household, Book III--Inpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (6,968 KB)
DS61:  Household, Book III--Inpatient Visits - Download All Files (1,213 KB)
DS62:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Parents - Download All Files (39,054 KB)
DS63:  Household, Book III--Nonhouseholders: Siblings - Download All Files (5,046 KB)
DS64:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Sibling Roster - Download All Files (60,080 KB)
DS65:  Household, Book III--Sibling Summary Counts - Download All Files (4,140 KB)
DS66:  Household, Book III--Help From/To Siblings Not Mentioned - Download All Files (10,965 KB)
DS67:  Household, Book III--Trigger Questions: Non-Coresident Children - Download All Files (5,050 KB)
DS68:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Children: Roster - Download All Files (13,981 KB)
DS69:  Household, Book III--Non-Coresident Children Age 15+ Counts - Download All Files (1,711 KB)
DS70:  Household, Book III--Help From/To Non-Coresident Children Not Selected - Download All Files (2,907 KB)
DS71:  Household, Book III--Transfers To/From Parents, Siblings, Children - Download All Files (26,100 KB)
DS72:  Household, Book III--Transfers To/From Relatives, Friends, Employers, Organizations - Download All Files (44,627 KB)
DS73:  Household, Book III--Individual Assets - Download All Files (62,386 KB)
DS74:  Household, Book III--Other Income in Past Year - Download All Files (8,676 KB)
DS75:  Household, Book III--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (4,782 KB)
DS76:  Household, Book IV--Cover Page - Download All Files (5,898 KB)
DS77:  Household, Book IV--Marriage Summary - Download All Files (2,130 KB)
DS78:  Household, Book IV--Marital History - Download All Files (5,273 KB)
DS79:  Household, Book IV--Menstrual History/Desire for Children - Download All Files (2,740 KB)
DS80:  Household, Book IV--Pregnancy Summary - Download All Files (3,753 KB)
DS81:  Household, Book IV--Pregnancy Roster - Download All Files (49,940 KB)
DS82:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Knowledge/Use: Efficient - Download All Files (34,215 KB)
DS83:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Knowledge/Use: Less Efficient - Download All Files (7,610 KB)
DS84:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Use - Download All Files (4,732 KB)
DS85:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Calendar: Marriage/Calendar, Start/End Dates - Download All Files (2,571 KB)
DS86:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Calendar: Jan 84- Feb 94 - Download All Files (45,525 KB)
DS87:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Facility: Visit Cost From Last 30 Months of Calendar, Sep 93-Feb 94 - Download All Files (5,103 KB)
DS88:  Household, Book IV--Contraceptive Facility: Information - Download All Files (3,141 KB)
DS89:  Household, Book IV--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2,127 KB)
DS90:  Household, Book V--Cover Page - Download All Files (3,118 KB)
DS91:  Household, Book V--Levels of Schooling - Download All Files (4,520 KB)
DS92:  Household, Book V--School Expenses - Download All Files (3,368 KB)
DS93:  Household, Book V--Acute Morbidity - Download All Files (43,419 KB)
DS94:  Household, Book V--Self-Treatment - Download All Files (4,421 KB)
DS95:  Household, Book V--Outpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (5,925 KB)
DS96:  Household, Book V--Outpatient Visits - Download All Files (1,681 KB)
DS97:  Household, Book V--Inpatient Medical Facilities - Download All Files (3,911 KB)
DS98:  Household, Book V--Inpatient Visits - Download All Files (895 KB)
DS99:  Household, Book V--Interview Evaluation - Download All Files (2,901 KB)
DS100:  Household, Other--English Translations of "Other, Specify" - Download All Files (82,925 KB)
DS101:  Household--Household Sampling Weights - Download All Files (2,312 KB)
DS102:  Household--Individual Sampling Weights - Download All Files (18,400 KB)
DS103:  Household--Province Codes and Names - Download All Files (734 KB)
DS104:  Household--Kabupaten Codes and Names (Regency/Municipality) - Download All Files (786 KB)
DS105:  Household--Kecamatan Codes and Names (Subdistrict) - Download All Files (1,523 KB)
DS106:  Household--Enumeration Areas (EAs) Done Before 2nd Round Retraining - Download All Files (731 KB)
DS107:  Household, Auxiliary--Crosswalk Between Children in Book III and Book IV (Not All Children) - Download All Files (1,218 KB)
DS108:  Household, Auxiliary--1993 Provincial/Urban-Rural Food Price Indices - Download All Files (733 KB)
DS109:  Household, Auxiliary--Household Expenditure Estimates - Download All Files (4,979 KB)
DS110:  Community/Facility--Books Completed - Download All Files (870 KB)
DS111:  Community/Facility, Book I--Control Sheet - Download All Files (4,686 KB)
DS112:  Community/Facility, Book I--Transportation to Nearest Item - Download All Files (1,589 KB)
DS113:  Community/Facility, Book I--Availability of Electricity by Provider - Download All Files (1,694 KB)
DS114:  Community/Facility, Book I--Agriculture and Industry: Programs - Download All Files (918 KB)
DS115:  Community/Facility, Book I--Agriculture and Industry: Factories - Download All Files (931 KB)
DS116:  Community/Facility, Book I--Agriculture and Industry: Cottage Industry - Download All Files (1,110 KB)
DS117:  Community/Facility, Book I--Record of Village Name Changes - Download All Files (942 KB)
DS118:  Community/Facility, Book I--Important Events in the Village - Download All Files (1,459 KB)
DS119:  Community/Facility, Book I--Credit - Download All Files (1,110 KB)
DS120:  Community/Facility, Book I--History of School Existence - Download All Files (2,191 KB)
DS121:  Community/Facility, Book I--History of School Types - Download All Files (1,029 KB)
DS122:  Community/Facility, Book I--History of Health Facilities - Download All Files (4,247 KB)
DS123:  Community/Facility, Book I--Identity of Respondents - Download All Files (1,244 KB)
DS124:  Community/Facility, Book II--Control Sheet - Download All Files (2,660 KB)
DS125:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--Control Sheet - Download All Files (1,682 KB)
DS126:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--History of School Existence - Download All Files (2,153 KB)
DS127:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--History of School Types - Download All Files (1,029 KB)
DS128:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--History of Health Facilities - Download All Files (2,375 KB)
DS129:  Community/Facility, Book PKK--Availability of Foodstuffs - Download All Files (3,650 KB)
DS130:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Control Sheet - Download All Files (17,089 KB)
DS131:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Head of Puskesmas, Part 2 (Medicines) - Download All Files (4,929 KB)
DS132:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Activities of Puskesmas, Part 1B - Download All Files (12,655 KB)
DS133:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Puskesmas Employees, Employee List - Download All Files (2,388 KB)
DS134:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--Direct Observation, Part 1B (Pharmacy) - Download All Files (6,403 KB)
DS135:  Community/Facility, Book Puskesmas--KB Service Unit, Part B - Download All Files (2,054 KB)
DS136:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Control Sheet - Download All Files (3,334 KB)
DS137:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Practice Activities, Hours of Operation - Download All Files (1,612 KB)
DS138:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Practice Activities, Services - Download All Files (7,876 KB)
DS139:  Community/Facility, Doctor/Clinic--Stocks of Medicines - Download All Files (3,803 KB)
DS140:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Control Sheet - Download All Files (12,120 KB)
DS141:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Practice Activities, Hours of Operation - Download All Files (2,172 KB)
DS142:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Practice Activities, Services - Download All Files (9,342 KB)
DS143:  Community/Facility, Nurse/Midwife/Paramedic--Stocks of Medicines - Download All Files (6,257 KB)
DS144:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Control Sheet - Download All Files (3,206 KB)
DS145:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Manpower, Part 1 - Download All Files (2,511 KB)
DS146:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Health Instruments - Download All Files (4,690 KB)
DS147:  Community/Facility, Posyandu--Availability of Foodstuffs - Download All Files (3,370 KB)
DS148:  Community/Facility, Traditional Healer--Control Sheet - Download All Files (2,314 KB)
DS149:  Community/Facility, Primary School--Control Sheet - Download All Files (6,016 KB)
DS150:  Community/Facility, Primary School--Teacher - Download All Files (3,647 KB)
DS151:  Community/Facility, Primary School--School Statistics, 1992-1993, Part 1B - Download All Files (1,807 KB)
DS152:  Community/Facility, Primary School--EBTANAS Scores - Download All Files (3,478 KB)
DS153:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--Control Sheet - Download All Files (5,883 KB)
DS154:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--Teacher - Download All Files (3,515 KB)
DS155:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--School Statistics, 1992-1993--Part 1B - Download All Files (1,487 KB)
DS156:  Community/Facility, Junior High School--EBTANAS Scores - Download All Files (3,388 KB)
DS157:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--Control Sheet - Download All Files (4,191 KB)
DS158:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--Teacher - Download All Files (2,566 KB)
DS159:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--School Statistics, 1992-1993--Part 1B - Download All Files (888 KB)
DS160:  Community/Facility, Senior High School--EBTANAS Scores - Download All Files (2,451 KB)
DS161:  Community/Facility--Community Weights - Download All Files (751 KB)
DS162:  Community/Facility--Facility Weights - Download All Files (1,266 KB)
DS163:  Crosswalk Between the Data Collection Instruments, Waves 1 and 2 - Download All Files (1,652 KB)
DS164:  Documentation for Community/Facility Data--Community Identifier, EA-Based
No downloadable data files available.
DS165:  Data Collection Instruments and Interviewer Manual for Household Data, Parts 1-109
No downloadable data files available.
DS166:  Codebook for Household Data, Parts 1-109
No downloadable data files available.
DS167:  Data Collection Instruments and Interviewer Manual for Community/Facility Data, Parts 110-162
No downloadable data files available.
DS168:  Codebook for Community/Facility Data, Parts 110-162
No downloadable data files available.
DS169:  User's Guide for All Parts
No downloadable data files available.
DS170:  Overview and Field Report for All Parts
No downloadable data files available.
DS171:  Documentation for IFLS-1-RR: Revised and Restructured Version
No downloadable data files available.