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Second and Third Waves of the Mexican Family Life Survey (ICPSR 34498)

Principal Investigator(s):


The goal of this project was to field and place in the public domain two follow-up waves of the Mexican Family Life Survey. These data, in combination with the first wave of the survey, yield a uniquely rich longitudinal database for better understanding the social, economic, demographic, and health changes occurring in Mexico during the first decade of the 21st century. Further information about the Mexican Family Life Survey can be found on the project Web site.

Access Notes

  • These data are not available from DSDR. Users should consult the data owners directly for details on obtaining these resources.

Study Description


This study was funded by:

  • United States Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Scope of Study

Subject Terms:   demographic characteristics, economic change, economic conditions, education, families, family life, health, social change

Geographic Coverage:   Global, Mexico

Data Collection Notes:

These data are not available from DSDR or ICPSR. Researchers should consult the principal investigator directly for details on obtaining access to the data and documentation:

Dr. Duncan Thomas

Economics Department

Duke University

Box 90097

Durham, NC 27708