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Contraceptive Decision-Making Among Dating Couples (ICPSR 34455)

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The goal of this project was to explore contraceptive and disease prevention choices of couples based on data collected from both partners. The study conducted an in-person survey of approximately 1,200 unmarried, non-cohabiting couples where the female partner is aged 20-35, where neither partner is sterile, and where the couple is not currently pregnant or attempting to conceive. Obtaining separate, parallel reports from both partners provided unique and detailed data on the power relations, perceptions of STD risk, and method-related expectancies, values, preferences, and behaviors of men and women making contraceptive and disease prevention choices within the context of an intimate heterosexual relationship.

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  • These data are not available from DSDR. Users should consult the data owners directly for details on obtaining these resources.

Study Description


This study was funded by:

  • United States Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Scope of Study

Subject Terms:   AIDS, birth control, dating (social), disease prevention, sexual attitudes, sexual behavior

Geographic Coverage:   United States

Data Collection Notes:

These data are not available from DSDR or ICPSR. Researchers should consult the principal investigator directly for details on obtaining access to the data and documentation:

Dr. William Grady

Battelle Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation

1100 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 400

Seattle, WA 98109