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Where can I find more information on the three CPES studies?

Each study has its own Web site:
In addition, two issues of the International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research entitled "The NIMH Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys Initiative: Designs, Methods, and Instrumentation" were devoted to the CPES project. You can read the articles in those issues from the current CPES Web site :
  • Volume 13 Issue 2, Pages 57 - 139 (June 2004)
1. Editorials
  • Editorial (p 57-59). Lisa J. Colpe, Kathleen Merikangas, Bruce Cuthbert, Doreen Koretz, Karen Bourdon
2. Original Articles

  • Volume 13 Issue 4, Pages 193 - 298 (November 2004)
1. Guest editorial
  • Guest editorial (p 193-195). Lisa Colpe, Kathleen Merikangas, Bruce Cuthbert, Karen Bourdon [Link to PDF]
2. Original Articles