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Under what conditions would the interviewer probe and complete the interviewer queries in SC10.5a (hearing impairment)?

Item SC10.4b reads "Do you have the following conditions? A hearing problem that prevents you from hearing what is said in normal conversation even with a hearing aid?" This item appears to be asked of all respondents.

Further down, there are 2 interviewer query items dealing with hearing loss -
  1. SC10.5a2 "Is R deaf?
  2. SC10.5a4 "Is R hearing impaired?"
If the respondent says no to the hearing question (or other impairment questions) but the interviewer observes a hearing problem (or other impairment), this is an opportunity to probe with the respondent to be sure she or he had understood the original question. This is repeated for several of the ?observable? impairments when there appears to be a discrepancy between what the respondent said and what the interviewer observes.