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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

H2Country in which you were bornV05700DM_DE4 DM1_6
H3Where lived when growing upV07074
H3AType of area lived in growing upV07149
H4Spoke language other than English growing upV07075
H5What man raised you until age 16V07076
H6What woman raised you until age 16V07077
H7# years school he/father completed: Top/Bot CodeV09387DM_CH8A DM1_12A
H7ADid father work for pay while growing upV07079
H8Kind work he normally did, job title: RecodedV05815CH11
H9Kind of place he worked for: RecodeV05816CH12
H10# years school she/mother completed: Top/Bot CodeV09389DM_CH13A DM1_13A
H11Did mother work for pay while growing upV07083
H11AKind work she normally did, job title: RecodedV05821CH16
H11BKind of place she worked for?: RecodeV05822CH17
H12Condition of health through age 16V07086
H13Highest grade of school/college completed: Top/Bot CodeV03085DM_DE20 DM1_14
H13AHave HS diploma/equivalencyV07087
H13BType of HS (if yrs of ed equal 0-12)V07088
H13CType of HS (if yrs of ed equal 13+)V07089
H13EHave college degreeV07091
H13GHave any other schoolingV07092
H14Have been in military serviceV07093
H16# years school spouse/partner completed: Top/Bot CodeV09396DM_SE2 SE2
H16ASpouse/Partner has HS diplomaV07097
H16BSpouse/Partner has college degreeV07098
H17Spouse/Partner works for pay nowV07099
H17AKind work spouse/partner does: RecodedV05274SE9SE9
H17BKind of place your spouse/partner work: RecodeV05275SE10
H17CSpouse/Partner ever work for payV07102
H17DKind work spouse/partner did last job: RecodedV05272SE7SE7
H17EKind of place your spouse/partner worked:RcdeV05273SE8SE8
H18APast yr-didn't meet basic expensesV07105
H18BPast yr-didn't pay full rent/mortgageV07106
H18CPast yr-evicted for non-paymentV07107
H18DPast yr-didn't pay full utilitiesV07108
H18EPast yr-utility disconnectedV07109
H18FPast yr-phone disconnectedV07110
H18GPast yr-couldn't afford daycare/babysittingV07111
H18HPast yr-couldn't afford leisure activitiesV07112
H23Closeness in ideas/feelings to your ethnic groupV07114
H23C_CBWhich more important-origin/being BlackV07118
H29AReason came to USAV07137
H29BSocial/econ change since coming to USV07138
H29CEnglish-speaking abilityV07139
H30Where receive most education-US or outsideV07140
H31Currently a US citizenV07141
H32Green card statusV07142
H33Length of time US citizen-residentV07143
H35Rate self on liberal/conservative scaleV07145
H37Rate self on liberal/conservative soc/econ issuesV07146
H38Member of Black advancement natl organizations-grpsV07147
TR1How 1st learned about Sept 11 attacksV07205
TR2Someone close witness attacks in personV07207
TR3Someone close to R in bldgs when attackV07210
TR4How much attack shaken sense of safetyV07213
H39Better/worse financially than 10 yrs agoV07148
H40Amt of difficulty paying monthly billsV09378
H41Past yr-enough to eat in householdV07151
H42Worry about enough income to pay billsV07152
H42_5APast yr-you/fam get soc securityV07153
H42_5BPast yr-you/fam get workers compensationV07154
H42_5CPast yr-you/fam get unemployment compensationV07155
H42_5DPast yr-you/fam get food stampsV07156
H42_5EPast yr-you/fam get SSIV07157
H42_5FPast yr-you/fam earned inc tax creditV07158
H42_5GPast yr-you/fam get child support paymentsV07159
H47# people support your householdV05315FN13A
H49Received welfare/pub assistance since turning 18V05657DA36_3DA36_5
H49A# total years received public assistance since 18V05658DA36_3ADA36_5A
H49BYou/family currently on welfareV07167
H50Received welfare when growing upV07169
H50AHow much time received welfare before turned 18V07170
H53Have mortgage on homeV07173
H55Live in public housingV07175
H56Pay low/no rent because of govtV07176
H57Ever been arrestedV07177
H62AFamily members away at schoolV07196
H63A# family members away at schoolV07200
H62BFamily members in militaryV07197
H63B# family members in militaryV07201
H62CFamily members in nursing homeV07198
H63C# family members in nursing homeV07202
H62DFamily members in jail or prisonV07199
H63D# family members in jail or prisonV07203
H64Anyone in household homelessV07204

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