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Group & Personal Identity, Discrimination

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

G1Racial term R prefers to be calledV06975
G2More important-Black or AmericanV06976
G3ACloseness in ideas/feelings to BlacksV06977
G3BCloseness in ideas/feelings to WhitesV06978
G3CCloseness in ideas/feelings to Spanish-speaking groupsV06979
G3DCloseness in ideas/feelings to American IndiansV06980
G3ECloseness in ideas/feelings to AsiansV06981
G3FCloseness in ideas/feelings to Black CaribbeansV06982
G3GCloseness in ideas/feelings to AfricansV06983
G4ACloseness in ideas/feelings to poor BlacksV06984
G4BCloseness in ideas/feelings to religious BlacksV06985
G4CCloseness in ideas/feelings to young BlacksV06986
G4DCloseness in ideas/feelings to upper-class BlacksV06987
G4ECloseness in ideas/feelings to working-class BlacksV06988
G4FCloseness in ideas/feelings to older BlacksV06989
G4GCloseness in ideas/feelings to elected BlacksV06990
G4HCloseness in ideas/feelings to Black professionalsV06991
G5AHow true Blacks are intelligentV06992
G5BHow true Blacks are lazyV06994
G5CHow true Blacks are hardworkingV06996
G5DHow true Blacks give up easilyV06998
G5EHow true Blacks are proud of selvesV07000
G5FHow true Blacks are violentV07002
G5A_CBHow true Caribbeans are intelligentV06993
G5B_CBHow true Caribbeans are lazyV06995
G5C_CBHow true Caribbeans are hardworkingV06997
G5D_CBHow true Caribbeans give up easilyV06999
G5E_CBHow true Caribs are proud of selvesV07001
G5F_CBHow true Caribbeans are violentV07003
G6Whts want Blks to get better break/keep Blks downV07004
G6AWHYou want Blksto get better break/keep Blks downV07006
G6A_CBWhts want Blk Ams to get better breakk/keep Blk Ams downV07005
G6B_CBWhts want Caribs to get better break/keep Caribs downV07007
G6C_CBBlks want Caribs to get better break/keep Caribs downV07008
G10AFreq Whts treat R badly due to skin shadeV07011
G10BFreq Blks treat R badly due to skin shadeV07012
G10CFreq others find you attractive due to skin shadeV07013
G11What happens to Blacks affects your lifeV07014
G11AHow much Blacks fate affects your lifeV07015
G11WHWhat happens to Whites affects your lifeV07017
G11AWHHow much Whites fate affects your lifeV07016
G12AUnfairly firedV07018
G13AWhy unfairly firedV07027
G14ALast time unfairly firedV07036
G15A# times unfairly firedV07045
G12BEver not hired for unfair reasonsV07019
G13BWhy not hired for unfair reasonsV07028
G14BLast time not hired for unfair reasonsV07037
G15B# times not hired unfair reasonV07046
G12CUnfairly denied promotionV07020
G13CWhy unfairly denied promotionV07029
G14CLast time unfairly denied promotionV07038
G15C# times unfairly denied promotionV07047
G12DEver unfairly treated/abused by policeV07021
G13DWhy unfairly treated/abused by policeV07030
G14DLast time unfairly treated/abused by policeV07039
G15D# times unfairly treated/abused by policeV07048
G12EUnfairly discouraged from continuing education by teacher/advV07022
G13EWhy discouraged from continuing educationV07031
G14ELast time discouraged from continuing educationV07040
G15E# times discouraged continuing educationV07049
G12FUnfairly prevented from moving into neighborhoodV07023
G13FWhy prevented from moving into neighborhoodV07032
G14FLast time prevented from moving into neighborhoodV07041
G15F# times prevented from moving into neighborhoodV07050
G12GNeighbors made life difficult for you/familyV07024
G13GWhy neighbors made life difficultV07033
G14GLast time neighbors made life difficultV07042
G15G# times neighbors made life difficultV07051
G12HUnfairly denied loanV07025
G13HWhy unfairly denied loanV07034
G14HLast time unfairly denied loanV07043
G15H# times unfairly denied loanV07052
G12IReceived unusually bad service from repairmanV07026
G13IWhy unusually bad service from repairmanV07035
G14ILast time unusually bad service from repairmanV07044
G15I# times unusally bad service from repairmanV07053
G18AFrequency treated w/ less courtesy than othersV06538DS1A
G18BFrequency treated w/ less respect than othersV06539DS1B
G18CFreq receive poorer restaurant service than othersV06540DS1C
G18DFreq people act like you are not smartV06541DS1D
G18EFreq people act afraid of youV06542DS1E
G18FFreq people act like you are dishonestV06543DS1F
G18GFreq people act better than youV06544DS1G
G18HFrequency called names/insultedV06545DS1H
G18IFrequency threatened/harrassedV06546DS1I
G18JFrequency followed in storesV07063
G20Reason for discriminating experiences: RecodedV06548DS3
G21ATried to do something about itV07066
G21BAccept it as fact of lifeV07067
G21CWorked harder to prove them wrongV07068
G21DRealized you brought it on yourselfV07069
G21ETalk to someoneV07070
G21FGot madV07071
G21GPrayed about itV07072

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