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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

C1AI am person of worth/equal to othersV06641
C1BI have # of good qualitiesV06642
C1CI am a failureV06643
C1DI do things as well as othersV06644
C1EI don't have much to be proud ofV06645
C1FI take positive attitude toward selfV06646
C1GI am satisfied with selfV06647
C1HI want more self-respectV06648
C1II sometimes feel uselessV06649
C1JI sometimes think I am no goodV06650
C1KImpossible to reach my goalsV06651
C1LMy future seems hopeless/not changing for betterV06652
C2ANo way to solve some of my problemsV06653
C2BI feel pushed around in lifeV06654
C2CHave little control over what happens to meV06655
C2DCan do just about anything set my mind toV06656
C2EI feel helpless dealing w/ life probsV06657
C2FWhat happens to me in future depends on meV06658
C2GLittle I can do to change things important things in lifeV06659
C2HLook to God for strengthV06660
C3Where you are now in life on ladderV06661
C4Where would like to be in few yrs on ladderV06662
C5How likely to reach step on ladderV06663
C6Disappointment if could never reach step on ladderV06664
C7ALack of ability prevents you from reaching stepV06665
C7BLack of opportunity prevents you from reaching stepV06666
C7CLack of effort prevents you from getting to stepV06812
C7DBad luck prevents you from getting to stepV06813
C7FYour race prevents you from getting to stepV06814
C7GYour gender prevents you from getting to stepV06815
C8Physical health ratingV00233SC8_1SC8_1
C8AOverall present dental healthV06668
C8BMental health ratingV00234SC8_2SC8_2
C9Compare health in general with 1 yr agoV06670
C10AProf said you have arthritisV06671
C11AExtent arthritis interferes w/ daily tasksV06672
C10BProf said you have ulcersV06673
C11BExtent ulcer interferes w/ daily tasksV06674
C10CProf said you have cancerV06675
C11CExtent cancer interferes w/ daily tasksV06676
C10DProf said you had high blood pressureV06677
C11DExtent high blood pressure interferes w/ daily tasksV06678
C10EProf said you had diabetesV06679
C11EExtent diabetes interferes w/ daily tasksV06680
C10FProf said you had liver problemV06681
C11FExtent liver problem interferes w/ daily tasksV06682
C10GProf said you had kidney problemV06683
C11GExtent kidney problem interferes w/ daily tasksV06684
C10HProf said you had strokeV06685
C11HExtent stroke interferes w/ daily tasksV06686
C10IProf said you had asthmaV06687
C11IExtent asthma interferes w/ daily tasksV06688
C10JProf said you had chronic lung diseaseV06689
C11JExtent lung disease interferes w/ daily tasksV06690
C10KProf said you had blood circulation problemV06691
C11KExtent blood circulation prob interferes w/ daily tasksV06692
C10LProf said you had sickle cell diseaseV06693
C11LExtent sickle cell disease interferes w/ daily tasksV06694
C10MProf said you had heart troubleV06695
C11MExtent heart trouble interferes w/ daily tasksV06696
C10OProf said you had glaucomaV06699
C11OExtent glaucoma interferes w/ daily tasksV06700
C10QProf said you had fertility probsV06703
C11QExtent fertility problem interferes w/ daily tasksV06704
C10RProf said you had osteoporosisV06705
C11RExtent osteoporosis interferes w/ daily tasksV06706
C10SProf said you had fibroid tumorsV06707
C11SExtent fibroid tumor interferes w/ daily tasksV06708
C10TProf said you had anemiaV06709
C11TExtent anemia interferes w/ daily tasksV06710
C10UProf said you had eating disorderV06711
C11UExtent eating disorder interferes w/ daily tasksV06712
C10VProf said gone thru menopauseV06713
C11VExtent menopause interferes w/ daily tasksV06714
C12APast yr-bad headachesV06715
C13AExtent headaches interfere w/ daily tasksV06716
C12BPast yr-hearing probsV06717
C13BExtent hearing probs interfere w/ daily tasksV06718
C12CPast yr-vision probsV06719
C13CExtent vision problems interfere w/ daily tasksV06720
C12DPast yr-allergies/infectionsV06721
C13DExtent allergies interfere w/ daily tasksV06722
C12EPast yr-back problemsV06723
C13EExtent back probs interfere w/ daily tasksV06724
C14AHow often garden/yardworkV06725
C14BHow often sports/exerciseV06726
C14CHow often take walksV06727
C19Currently trying to lose weightV06730
C20How you feel about your weightV06731
C21Place/person usually go to for medical helpV06732
C21AWhere/who go to for medical helpV06733
C22AEver gone to faith healerV06734
C22BEver gone to person who heals w/ roots/herbs/reads palmsV06735
C22CEver saw astrologer/psychicV06736
C23Currently covered by govt health ins programsV06737
C23BGovt ins covers mental health/emotion/nerve problemsV06738
C24Covered by employer health insuranceV06739
C24A# of employer health plans covered byV06740
C24BEmployer ins covers mental health/emotion/nerve probsV06741
C24CCovered by family's employer health insV06742
C24DFamily insurance covers mental health/emotion/nerve probsV06743
C25Has purchased health insurance directlyV06744
C26$/visit paid out-of-pocket to see doctorV06745
C26CS$ amount reimbursed by health insuranceV06749
C26AReimbursement by health insuranceV06747
C26ACS$ amount reimbursed by health insuranceV06748
C27APast mth-health problemsV06750
C28AAmount health problems upset youV06751
C27BPast mth-money problemsV06752
C28BAmount money problems upset youV06753
C27CPast mth-job problemsV06754
C28CAmount job problems upset youV06755
C27D1Are you a parentV06757
C27DPast mth-problems w/ childrenV06756
C28DAmount being a parent upset youV06758
C27EPast mth-family/marriage problemsV06759
C28EAmount fam/marriage problems upset youV06760
C27FPast mth-you/family crime victimV06761
C28FAmount victimization upset youV06762
C27GPast mth-police problemsV06763
C28GAmount police problems upset youV06764
C27HPast mth-love life problemsV06765
C28HAmount love problems upset youV06766
C27IPast mth-you/family race problemsV06767
C28IAmount race problems upset youV06768
C27JPast mth-gambling problemsV06769
C28JAmount gambling problems upset youV06770
C29A# days in past 30-no work/norm acts due to phys/ment/substV04452FD4FD4*
C29CNo activities due to emotions/nerves/ment health/subst useV04454FD4AFD4A
C29D# days no activities due to emot/nerves/ment health/subst useV04455FD4BFD4B
C29E# days past mth in bed 1/2 day+ due to health/substanceV04456FD5FD5
C29G# days in past 30 reduced acts due to phys/ment/subs useV04458FD7FD7*
C29IReduced activities due to emotion/nerves/substance useV04460FD7AFD7A
C29J# of reduced act days were due to emotion/nerves/ment/substV04461FD7BFD7B
C29K# days in 30 cut quality of work due to phys/ment/subst useV04462FD8FD8
C29L# days in 30 took extreme effort to do usual level of work/actsV04463FD9FD9
C29NExtreme effort due to nerves/emotion/substance useV04465FD9AFD9A
C29O# days extreme effort due to nerves/emotion/subst useV04466FD9BFD9B
C30Health probs caused diffic w/ concen/mem/think in past mthV04467FD10FD10
C30A# days had difficulty w/ concen/mem/think in past 30 daysV04468FD10AFD10A
C31AAmount of difficulty concentrating for 10 minutesV04469FD11AFD11A
C31BAmount of difficulty understanding what was going onV04470FD11BFD11B
C31CAmount of difficulty remembering to do important thingsV04471FD11CFD11C
C31DAmount of difficulty learning a new task V04472FD11DFD11D
C32Difficulty w/ mobility due to health problems in past 30 daysV04473FD12FD12
C32A# of days had difficulty w/ mobility in past 30 daysV04474FD12AFD12A
C33ADuring mobility problems-difficult standing for 30+ minutesV04475FD13AFD13A
C33BDuring mobility problems-difficulty move around inside homeV04476FD13BFD13B
C33CDuring mobility problems-difficulty walking long distanceV04477FD13CFD13C
C34Health related probs caused diff w/ self care in past 30 daysV04478FD14FD14
C34A# days health-related probs caused difficulty w/ self-careV04479FD14AFD14A
C35ADuring self-care probs-amount of difficulty washing whole bodyV04480FD15AFD15A
C35BDuring self-care probs-amount of difficulty getting dressedV04481FD15BFD15B
C35CDuring self-care probs-amount of diffic staying alone few daysV04482FD15CFD15C
C36Health probs caused diffic w/ getting along/maint social lifeV04483FD16FD16
C36A# of days had diffic getting along/maint social life in past mthV04484FD16AFD16A
C37ADuring trouble getting along-diffic start/maintain conversationV04486FD17AFD17A
C37BDuring trouble getting along-diffic deal w/ people not know wellV04487FD17BFD17B
C37CDuring trouble getting along-difficulty maintaining friendshipsV04488FD17CFD17C
C37DDuring trouble getting along-difficulty making new friendsV04489FD17DFD17D
C37EDuring trouble getting along-diffic cont emotions around pplV04490FD17EFD17E
C39Your health problems interfere w/ fam/friends in past 30 daysV06811

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