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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

B1Religious preference:1st mention: RecodedV09414DM_DA311 DA31B_01
B2Ever attended church services since 18 years or olderV06593
B3Frequency attend religious servicesV09379
B4# hrs spent at church in typical weekendV06595
B5Official member of churchV06596
B6Frequency take part in other church activitiesV06597
B7Hrs/week at place of worship not incl serviceV06598
B8Frequency see/write/phone church membersV06599
B9# church people help you if neededV06600
B10Frequency church people help you outV06601
B11Frequency you help church peopleV06602
B12Closeness to church peopleV06603
B13Satisfaction w/ quality of relations w/ church peopleV06604
B14AChurch people make you feel lovedV06605
B14BChurch people listen to problemsV06606
B14CChurch people express interest in well-beingV06607
B15AChurch people make too many demands on youV06608
B15BChurch people criticize youV06609
B15CChurch people take advantage of youV06610
B16AFrequency read religious books/materialsV06611
B16BFrequency watch religious tv programsV06612
B16CFrequency listen to religious programs on radioV06613
B16DFrequency of prayingV06614
B16EFrequency of asking someone to pray for youV06615
B17AImportance of religion in home when growing upV06616
B17BImportance of parents taking kids to religious servV06617
B17CImportance of religion in your lifeV06618
B17DImportance of spirituality in your lifeV06619
B17EImportance of prayer in dealing w/ stressful situationsV06620
B18How religious are youV06621
B19How spiritual are youV06622
B20Commitment Q: Willing to think before answering QsV06623
B20ACommitment Filter: did not commitV06624
CG50ACorrect answers test 1V06625
CG50BIncorrect answers test 1V06626
CG50CCorrect answers test 2V06627
CG50DIncorrect answers test 2V06628
CG50ETotal correct answersV06629
CG51Todays dateV06630
CG52Day of weekV06631
CG53Your phone numberV06632
CG54Your street addressV06633
CG55Your ageV06634
CG56Your date of birthV06635
CG57Who is president of US nowV06636
CG58Previous president of USV06637
CG59Your mom's maiden nameV06638
CG60Subtract 3 from 20 and keep subtracting 3 all way downV06639
CG61IWR CHKPT: Did R pass SPMSQ testV06640

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