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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

GA101Worried period-what was anxious about-1st mention (18 iterations)V01743G101G1_01*
GA3Ever think worry/anxious/nervous excessiveV01776G3G3
GA4How often hard to control worry/anxious/nervousV01777G4G4
GA4AFreq so nervous that could not think of else regardlessV01778G4AG4A
GA5Longest period mths/years worry/anxious/nerv most daysV01780G5G5
GA5AUnit of time worried 1+ mths, G5V01783G5AG5A
GA5_1Worried period of time last 6 months or longerV01781G5_1
GA5_2Worried period of time last 1 month or longerV01782G5_2
GA9AWorst worried mth +- felt restless/on edgeV01785G9AG9A
GA9BWorst worried mth +- got tired easilyV01786G9BG9B
GA9CWorst worried mth +- more irritableV01787G9CG9C
GA9DWorst worried mth + - difficulty concentrateV01788G9DG9D
GA9EWorst worried mth +- tense/sore musclesV01789G9EG9E
GA9FWorst worried mth +-sleep problemsV01790G9FG9F
GA10AWorst worried mth +-heart racingV01791G10AG10A
GA10BWorst worried mth +-often sweatV01792G10BG10B
GA10CWorst worried mth +- trembleV01793G10CG10C
GA10DWorst worried mth +- had dry mouthV01794G10DG10D
GA10EWorst worried mth +- felt sad/depressed most of timeV01795G10EG10E
GA13AWorst worried mth +- feel dizzy/lightheadedV01799G13AG13A
GA13BWorst worried month +-short of breathV01800G13BG13B
GA13CWorst worried mth +-felt like chokingV01801G13CG13C
GA13DWorst worried month+- had chest painV01802G13DG13D
GA13EWorst worried month +- had stomach painV01803G13EG13E
GA13FWorst worried mth +-felt nauseaV01804G13FG13F
GA13GWorst worried mth +-feel unrealV01805G13GG13G
GA13HWorst worried mth +-feel things unrealV01806G13HG13H
GA13IWorst worried mth +-fear of losing control/going crazyV01807G13IG13I
GA13JWorst worried mth +-fear passing outV01808G13JG13J
GA13KWorst worried mth +-afraid you might dieV01809G13KG13K
GA13LWorst worried mth +hot flushes/chillsV01810G13LG13L
GA13MWorst worried mth +-numbnessV01811G13MG13M
GA13NWorst worried mth +-lump in throatV01812G13NG13N
GA13OWorst worried mth +-easily startledV01813G13OG13O
GA15Severity of emotional distress exp due to worry/anxietyV01815G15G15
GA17Extent which wry/anx/nerv interf with work/social/relationsV01816G17G17
GA17AHow often unable work/acts due to worry/anxious/nervousV01819G17AG17A
GA18AWorry/anxious/nervous ever due to phys ill/med/drugs/alcV01820G18AG18A
GA18BWorry/anxious/nervous always due to phys ill/med/drug/alcV01821G18BG18B
GA26Remember age 1st worry/anxious/nervous + other probsV01822G26G26
GA26BEstimate age 1st worry/anxious/nervous + other probsV01824
GA26AAge 1st worry/anxious/nervous episode + other probsV01823G26AG26A
GA26B1Estimate age 1st worry/anxious/nervous + other probsV01825AG26B1AG26B1
GA26B21st worry + other problems before started schoolV01826AG26B2AG26B2
GA26B31st worry + other problems before teenagerV01827AG26B3AG26B3
GA26C1st worry/anx/nerv episode due to stressful exp/out of blueV01828G26C
GA27Worry/anxious/nervous epis 1+ mth in past yearV01830G27G27
GA27ARecent worry/anxiety episodeV01831G27AG27A
GA27A_1# of worry/anxious/nervous episodes past yearV01832G27A_1G27A_1
GA27A_4Length so far of last worried episodeV01836G27A_4G27A_4
GA27A_4AUnit of time of last worried episode, G27A.4AV01837G27A_4AG27A_4A
GA27A_6Worried episode ended or still ongoingV01839G27A_6
GA27A_7Length of 1st worried episode in past yearV01841G27A_7G27A_7
GA27A_7AUnit of time of 1st worried episode in past yr, G27A.7V01842G27A_7AG27A_7A
GA27A_9Recent worried episode ended or ongoingV01845G27A_9
GA27B# of months in past year had worried episodeV01846G27BG27B
GA27CAge last time had 1 of these worried episodesV01847G27CG27C
GA28Lifetime # of worry/anxious/nervous episodes 1+ mthV01848G28G28
GA30Unit time episode lastV01851G30AG30*
GA30ALength of worried episodeV01850G30G30A*
GA31Unit time longest episodeV01854G31AG31*
GA31ALength of longest worried episodeV01852G31G31A*
GA31_1# episodes brought on by stressful experience V01853G31_1G31_1
GA32# years in lifetime having at least 1 episodeV01855G32G32
GA34Longest continuous # of years w/ 1 + episodes per yearV01857G34G34
GA36AWorst worried mth +-often tenseV01859G36AG36A
GA36BWorst worried mth +-often butterflies in stomachV01860G36BG36B
GA36CWorst worried mth +-often restlessV01861G36CG36C
GA36DWorst worried mth +-often sudden panicV01862G36DG36D
GA36EWorst worried mth +-often worrying thoughtsV01863G36EG36E
GA36FWorst worried mth +-often at ease and relaxedV01864G36FG36F
GA36GWorst worried mth +-often frighten/awful going to happenV01865G36GG36G
GA37Worried by frightened feelingV01866G37G37
GA38AExtent which severe worry interfered w/ home mgmtV01867G38AG38A*
GA38BExtent which severe worry interfered w/ ability to workV01868G38BG38B*
GA38CExtent which severe worry interf w/ form/maint relationsV01869G38CG38C*
GA38DExtent which severe worry interfered w/ social lifeV01870G38DG38D*
GA40# of days past year unable to work/acts due worry/anxiousV01873G40G40
GA44Talked to med doc or prof about worry in past 12 mthsV01895
GA44ASaw medical doc or professional for worry/anxious/nervousV01874G44G44
GA44BTried to get professional help for worryV01896
GA451st time seen professional for worryV01899
GA46Age 1st seen professional for worryV01900
GA47ATalked to psychiatrist for worryV01901
GA47BTalked to other mental health professional for worryV01902
GA47CTalked to family doctor for worryV01903
GA47DTalked to other medical doctor for worryV01904
GA47ETalked to other hlth professional for worryV01905
GA47FTalked to religious or spiritual advisor for worryV01906
GA47GTalked to healer for worryV01907
GA48Professional was helpfulV01908
GA491Treatment received for worry-1st mention (4 iterations)V01909
GA50Hospitalized overnight for worry/anxious/nervousV01892G59G59
GA50AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for worry/anxious/nervousV01894G59AG59A
GA50B# times hospitalized for worryV01913
GA51Received help from family/friends/acquaint for worryV01914
GA51ATried to get help from family/friends/acquaint for worryV01915

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