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Social Phobia

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

SO1AShy/afraid/uncomfortable meeting new peopleV01504SO1ASO1A
SO1BShy/afraid/uncomfortable talking to authorityV01505SO1BSO1B
SO1CShy/afraid/uncomfortable talking in meeting/classV01506SO1CSO1C
SO1DShy/afraid/uncomfortable at parties and social gatheringsV01507SO1DSO1D
SO1EShy/afraid/uncomfortable performing in front of audienceV01508SO1ESO1E
SO1FShy/afraid/uncomfortable taking imp exam though readyV01509SO1FSO1F
SO1GShy/afraid/uncomfort working while someone watchesV01510SO1GSO1G
SO1HShy/afraid/uncomf entering room when others are presentV01511SO1HSO1H
SO1IShy/afraid/uncomf talking to people don't know wellV01512SO1ISO1I
SO1JShy/afraid/uncomf disagree with people don't know wellV01513SO1JSO1J
SO1KShy/afraid/uncomf write/eat/drink while other watchesV01514SO1KSO1K
SO1LShy/afraid/uncomf using public bathroomV01515SO1LSO1L
SO1MShy/afraid/uncomf in dating situationV01516SO1MSO1M
SO1NShy/afraid/uncomf being center of att/embarrassing sitV01517SO1NSO1N
SO3INTR1Remember exact age 1st social fear situationV01519SO3INTR1SO3INTR1
SO3INTR2Remember exact age 1st fear of social or perf situationV01520SO3INTR2SO3INTR2
SO3AAge 1st fear of social situationsV01521SO3ASO3A
SO3BEstimate age 1st soc fear-computedV01522
ASO3B1Estimate age of 1st social fearV01523ASO3B1SO3B1
ASO3B21st social fear before started schoolV01524ASO3B2SO3B2
ASO3B31st social fear before teenagerV01550ASO3B3SO3B3
SO6AAge 1st avoided social or perf sit due to fear-computedV01528ASO6B1SO6B1
ASO6B2Avoid social or perf situations before started schoolV01529ASO6B2SO6B2
ASO6B3Avoided social or perf situations before teenagerV01530ASO6B3SO6B3
SO8ASocial fear situation-blush/shakeV01531SO8ASO8A
SO8BSocial fear situation-fear bladder/bowel problemV01532SO8BSO8B
SO8CSocial fear situation-fear vomitingV01533SO8CSO8C
SO9Ever have 2 or more shyness reactionsV01534SO9SO9
SO9ASocial fear situation-heart poundV01535SO9ASO9A
SO9BSocial fear situation-sweatV01536SO9BSO9B
SO9CSocial fear situationr-trembleV01537SO9CSO9C
SO9DSocial fear situation-sick to stomachV01538SO9DSO9D
SO9ESocial fear situation-dry mouthV01539SO9ESO9E
SO9FSocial fear situation-chills/hot flushesV01540SO9FSO9F
SO9GSocial fear situation-numbness/tingling sensationV01541SO9GSO9G
SO9HSocial fear situation-trouble breathing normallyV01542SO9HSO9H
SO9ISocial fear situationr-feel like chokingV01543SO9ISO9I
SO9JSocial fear situation-pain/discomfort in chestV01544SO9JSO9J
SO9KSocial fear situation-feel dizzy or faintV01545SO9KSO9K
SO9LSocial fear situation-afraid might dieV01546SO9LSO9L
SO9MSocial fear situation-fear losing control/go crazy/pass outV01547SO9MSO9M
SO9NSocial fear situation-feel distant, not really thereV01548SO9NSO9N
SO9OSocial fear situation-feel things unreal/dreamlikeV01549SO9OSO9O
SO10Social fear situation-fear of panic attackV01551SO10SO10
SO10ASocial fear situation-ever had panic attackV01552SO10ASO10A
SO11Social fear situation-fear of being trappedV01553SO11SO11
SO12Social fear situation-fear embarrassment/humiliationV01554SO12SO12
SO12ASocial fear situation-fear of embarrassing othersV01555SO12ASO12A
SO13Social fear situation-fear someone look/talk/negative respV01556SO13SO13
SO14Social fear situation-fear of being focus of attentionV01557SO14SO14
SO14AFeared most during social fear situation:1st mentionV01558SO14ASO14A
SO15Social fear due to phys or mental disability embarrassmtV01561SO15SO15
SO15A1Social fear due to health problem-1st mention (4 iterations)V01562SO15A1SO15A_1
SO16Extent to which social fear interf w/ work/social life/relatV01570SO16SO16
SO17Emotionally upset/worried/disappt self due to social fearV01571SO17SO17
SO18Last time strongly feared/avoided social situationV01572SO18SO18
SO18AAge last strongly feared or avoided social situationV01573SO18ASO18A
SO19Severity of social fear if faced todayV01574SO19SO19
SO20# times avoided social fear in last 12 mthsV01575SO20SO20
SO21AWorst mth in yr-extent to which fear interf with home mgmtV01576SO21ASO21A*
SO21BWorst mth in yr-extent to which fear interfered with workV01577SO21BSO21B*
SO21CWorst mth in yr-extent to which fear interf with relationsV01578SO21CSO21C*
SO21DWorst mth in yr-extent to which fear interf with social lifeV01579SO21DSO21D*
SO23Days in past yr unable to do normal acts due to social fearV01582SO23SO23
SO25Past year-see professional for social fearV01584
SO25AEver see pro for soc fearV01597
SO25BTried to get professional help for social fearV01598
SO25C1Reason didn't get help for social fear-1st mention (2 iterations)V01599
SO261st time seeing professional for social fearV01601
SO27Age 1st see professional for social fearV01596SO25ASO25A
SO28ASee psychiatrist for social fearV01602
SO28BSee other mental health professional for social fearV01603
SO28CSee family doctor for social fearV01604
SO28DSee other medical doctor for social fearV01605
SO28ESee other health professional for social fearV01606
SO28FSee religious or spiritual advisor for social fearV01607
SO28GSee other healer for social fearV01608
SO29Professional was helpfulV01609
SO301Soc fear treatment received-1st mention (4 iterations)V01610
SO31Hospitalized overnight for social fearV01622SO39SO39
SO31AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for social fearV01624SO39ASO39A
SO31B# times hospitalized for social fearV01614
SO32Received help from family/friends/acquaint for social fearV01615
SO32ATried to get help from family/friends/acquaint for social fearV01616
ASO6B1Age 1st avoided social or perf situations due to fearV01527

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