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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

PT55CAge when event, PT55 happenedV03585PT55CPT55C
PT55D1Duration situation, PT55V03586PT55D1PT55D1
PT55D2Unit time PT55D1V03587PT55D2PT55D2
PT57A1Age at most upsetting traumatic event not reportedV03590PT57A1PT57A1
PT57A2Duration of traumatic event not reportedV03592PT57A2PT57A2*
PT57A3Unit time traumatic event not reportedV03593PT57A3PT57A3
PT62Post-traumatic stress following single traumatic experienceV03606
PT62APost-traumatic stress following traumatic experiencesV03608PT62_INTRO2PT62_INT
PT62BPost-traumatic stress-2-3 traumatic expV03609PT62_INTRO3PT62_IN2
PT62CPost-traumatic stress-3+ traumatic expV03610PT62_INTRO4PT62_IN3
PT62_1Post-traumatic stress for 30+ days after worst traumatic expV03607PT62_1PT62_1
PT63_7One event more stressful/upsetting than othersV03615
PT64Event that led to most problemsV03616PT64PT64
PT64AAge at worst eventV03617PT64APT64A
PT67During worst event- felt terrified/very frightenedV03620PT67PT67
PT67ADuring worst event- felt helplessV03621PT67APT67A
PT67BDuring worst event-felt shock or horrifiedV03622PT67BPT67B
PT67CDuring worst event-felt numb V03623PT67CPT67C
PT68Tried not to think about worst event in following wks/mths/yrsV03624PT68PT68*
PT69Purposely avoided reminder of worst eventV03625PT69PT69
PT70Unable to remember details of worst eventV03626PT70PT70
PT71Lost interest in enjoyable things after worst eventV03627PT71PT71
PT72Emotionally distant after worst eventV03628PT72PT72
PT73Trouble feeling love/happy/warmth to others after worst eventV03629PT73PT73
PT74No future plan because would be cut short after worst eventV03630PT74PT74
PT86Had repeated unwanted memory of worst eventV03634PT86PT86
PT87Had repeated unpleasant dreams after worst eventV03635PT87PT87
PT88Had flashbacks after worst event happeningV03636PT88PT88
PT89Upset when reminded of worst eventV03637PT89PT89
PT90Had physical reactions when reminded of worst eventV03638PT90PT90
PT102Trouble sleeping during most affected time after worst eventV03641PT102PT102
PT103Irritable during most affected time after worst eventV03642PT103PT103
PT104Trouble concentrate during most affect time after worst eventV03643PT104PT104
PT105More alert during most affected time after worst eventV03644PT105PT105
PT106Jumpy during most affected time after worst eventV03645PT106PT106
PT110ADuration continued reactions to worst eventV03648PT110APT110A
PT110BUnit time continued reactions to worst eventV03649PT110BPT110B
PT110CReactions to worst event continued over 1 monthV03650PT110CPT110C
PT113Frequency of intense reactions to worst eventV03653PT113PT113
PT114Amount of distress caused by reactions to worst eventV03655PT114PT114
PT115Amount worst event reactions disrupt/interfere with daily lifeV03656PT115PT115
PT246Talked to professional about reactions to event in past yrV03957
PT246AEver see med dr for worst eventV03960
PT246BTried to get professional help for reactions to eventV03961
PT246C1Reasons didn't get professional help-1st mention (2 iterations)V03962
PT2471st time saw professional for reactions to eventV03964
PT248Age 1st time talked to prof about reactions to eventV03965
PT249ATalked to psychiatrist about reactions to eventV03966
PT249BTalked to other mental health prof about reactions to eventV03967
PT249CTalked to family doctor about reactions to eventV03968
PT249DTalked to other medical doctor about reactions to eventV03969
PT249ETalked to other health professional about reactions to eventV03970
PT249FTalked to religious/spiritual advisor about reactions to eventV03971
PT249GTalked to other healer about reactions to eventV03972
PT250Professional was helpfulV03973
PT2511Treatment received for reactions to event-1st mention (4 iterations)V03974
PT252AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for reactions to eventV03979
PT252B# times hospitalized overnight for reactions to eventV03980
PT253Received help for reactions to eventV03981
PT253ATried to get help for reactions to eventV03982
PT2613 or more reactions assoc w/ trauma in past 12 mthsV03990PT261PT261*
PT262Last time had any reactionsV03991PT262PT262
PT263# weeks past year have any reactionsV03992PT263PT263
PT26501Trauma event caused recent reaction-1st mention (10 iterations)V03994PT26501PT26501
PT2671 event caused most upsetting reaction in past 12 mthsV04024PT267PT267
PT268Event that caused most upsetting reaction in past 12 mthsV04025PT268PT268
PT269Worst month past year- lose interest in enjoyable thingsV04026PT269PT269
PT270Worst month past year-felt emotionally distantV04027PT270PT270
PT271Worst month in past year-trouble feeling love/happy/warmthV04028PT271PT271
PT272Worst mth past yr-no future plansV04029PT272PT272
PT273Worst month past year-trouble sleepingV04030PT273PT273
PT274Worst month past year-felt more jumpyV04031PT274PT274
PT275Worst month past year-avoid reminders of eventV04032PT275PT275
PT278AWorst month past year-PTSD interfered with home mgmtV04034PT278APT278A*
PT278BWorst month past year-PTSD interfered with workV04035PT278BPT278B*
PT278CWorst month past year-PTSD interf w/ form/maint relationsV04036PT278CPT278C*
PT278DWorst month past year-PTSD interfered with social lifeV04037PT278DPT278D*
PT280# days past year unable to work/normal acts due to PTSDV04039PT280PT280
PT281Received prof treatment for PTSD in past 12 mthsV04040PT281PT281

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