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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

M1Behavioral changes during episode of excitementV01038M1
M3One episode where large # behavior changes stand outV01039M3
M3AAge at episode where large # behavior changes stand outV01040M3A
M3BLength of episode where large # behavior changes stand outV01041M3B1
M3B1Unit length of excited period, M3B1V01042M3B2
M3CAge at recent episode where large # behav changes stand outV01043M3C
M3DLength recent episode where large # behav changes stand outV01044M3D1
M3D1Unit length of recent episode w/ large # behavior changesV01045M3D2
M4During recent episode, so grouchy started argue/shout/hitV01046M4
M5Behavioral changes during irritable episodeV01047M5
M6While irritable, one episode with large # behav changesV01048M6
M6AAge at irritable period with most behavioral changesV01049M6A
M6BLength irritable period with most behav changesV01050M6B1
M6B1Unit of time of irritable period with most behav changesV01051M6B2
M6CAge most recent irritable period with most behav changesV01052M6C
M6DLength most recent irritable period with most behav changesV01053M6D1
M6D1Unit of time of irritable period w/ most behav changes, M6D1V01054M6D2
M7AIrritable episode-so restless, couldn't sit still or paced V01055M7A
M7BIrritable episode-more int in sex than usual/diff partnersV01056M7B
M7CIrritable episode-overly friendly with peopleV01057M7C
M7DIrritable episode-inappropriate behaviorV01058M7D
M7EIrritable episode-take on impossible tasks/lg amts of workV01059M7E
M7FIrritable episode-talked more than usual V01060M7F
M7GIrritable episode-constantly change plans/activitiesV01061M7G
M7HIrritable episode-hard to keep mind on taskV01062
M7IIrritable episode-thoughts jumping/racing unable to keep trackV01064M7I
M7JIrritable episode-sleep less than usual but not tiredV01065M7J
M7KIrritable episode-involved in foolish investments/money makingV01066M7K
M7LIrritable episode-financial trouble due to spending too muchV01067M7L
M7MRisky acts in excite/grchy periodV01069
M7NIrritable episode-exaggerated sense of self-confidenceV01070M7N
M7OIrritable episode-identity problems or false connection to celebV01071M7O
M9Probs interfere work/relationsV01074
M9AUnable do normal activities due to episode + problemsV01075M9A
M9BOthers say anything or worry about actionsV01077M9B
M10AExcite/grouchy episode result of phys cause or drug/alcoholV01078M10A
M10BAll excite/grouchy episodes result of physical causeV01079M10B
M18Exact age of 1st excited/grouchy episode + behav changesV01080M18
M18AAge of 1st excited/grouchy episode + behav changesV01081M18A
M18BEstimate age 1st excited/grouchy episode + behav changesV01082M18B
M18B1Estimate age 1st excited/grouchy episode + behav changesV01083M18B1
M18B21st excited/grouchy + behav episode before started schoolV01084M18B2
M18B31st excited/grouchy + behav episode before teenagerV01085M18B3
M18C1st excited/grouchy + behav episode due to stress or suddenV01086M18C
M18DLength 1st excited/grouchy + behav episodeV01087M18D1
M18D1Unit time 1st excited/grouchy + behav episodeV01088M18D2
M19Excited/grouchy + behav episode anytime in the past 12 mthsV01089M19
M19AHow recent last excited/grouchy + behav episodeV01090M19A
M19B# excited/grouchy + behav episodes in past yearV01091M19B
M19CWeeks in past yr had excited/grouchy + behav episodesV01092M19C
M19DAge last time excited/grouchy + behav episodesV01093M19D
M20# excited/grouchy + behav episodes lasted 1 week or moreV01094M20
M21# excited/grouchy + behav episodes lasted less than weekV01095M21
M21_1# excited/grouchy + behav eps 1 week-1 mth due to stressV01096
M22Length longest excited/grouchy + behav episode ever hadV01099M22A
M22BUnit of time length longest excited/grouchy + behav ep M22AV01100M22B
M23# of different years with excited/grouchy + behav episodeV01101M23
M27ASevere month past year-exc/grouch ep interfered home mgmtV01103M27A
M27BSevere month in past year-exc/grouch ep interfered w/ workV01104M27B
M27CSevere mth in past year-ep interf with form/maint close friendsV01105M27C
M27DSevere mth in past yr-exc/grouch ep interfered w/ social lifeV01106M27D
M29# days in year unable carry out normal acts due to episodesV01108M29
M33Saw professional about sadness in past yearV01122
M33AEver see dr/other pro for maniaV01125
M33BTried get professional help for maniaV01126
M341st time saw professional for maniaV01129
M35Age 1st saw professional about maniaV01130
M36ASaw psychiatrist for maniaV01131
M36BSaw other mental health professional for maniaV01132
M36CSaw family doctor about maniaV01133
M36DSaw other medical doctor about maniaV01134
M36ESaw other health prof about maniaV01135
M36FSaw relig or spiritual advisor about maniaV01136
M36GSaw other healer about maniaV01137
M37Professional(s) were helpfulV01138
M381Treatment received-1st mention (4 iterations)V01139
M39Hospitalized overnight for maniaV01144
M39AAge 1st time hospitalized for maniaV01145
M39B# times hospitalized for maniaV01146
M40Received help from fam/friends/acquaint for maniaV01147
M40ATried to get help for mania from family/friends/acquaintV01148

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