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Variable Label: # of times in life made bet of any kind


(RB, PG 80)

The next questions are about how often you have ever bet or gambled for money. In answering, think about all the times you ever made a bet of any sort -- (READ SLOWLY) from betting on sports in an office pool to playing cards with friends, buying lottery tickets, playing bingo, speculating on high risk stocks, playing pool or golf for money, playing slot machines, betting on horse races, and any other kind of betting or gambling. Taking all these things together, what's your best estimate of how many times you ever made a bet of any kind in your entire life?


2 1-10 TIMES

3 11-50 TIMES

4 51-100 TIMES

5 101-500 TIMES

6 501-1000 TIMES

7 MORE THAN 1000

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21-10 TIMES125525.25%20.63%
311-50 TIMES77415.57%12.73%
451-100 TIMES49009.86%08.06%
5101-500 TIMES36807.40%06.05%
6501-1000 TIMES14903.00%02.45%
7MORE THAN 100033806.80%05.56%
-8DONT KNOW15-00.25%

Disclaimer: Frequencies displayed above are not weighted.

  • Missing Data Codes: -9 (Refused), -8 (Don't know), . (Missing)
  • Total Cases: 6082

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