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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

D2Working for pay at present timeV05070
D3Self-employed or work for someoneV05071
D4Kind of work you normally do: RecodedV05202EM15EM15
D5Kind of place you work for, they make/do: RecodeV05203EM16EM16
D6# hours work for pay/profit in average weekV05204EM17
D7APay period-hour/week/month/yearV05075
D8Have skills/abilities for better jobV05076
D9Extent to which satisfied with jobV05077
D10Satisfaction if son/daughter had your jobV05078
D11CBCaribbeans get better/worse/same jobs as whitesV05081
D11BCBCaribbeans get better/worse/same jobs as black at workplaceV05080
D11Black ppl get better/worse/same jobs as white at workplaceV05079
D12Your job is one black people tend to get more than whiteV05082
D13CBCaribbeans treated unfairly at your workplaceV05084
D13Black ppl treated unfairly at your workplaceV05083
D14Race/gender of your supervisorV05085
D15Group with same work/supervisor at workplaceV05086
D16Race of work groupV05087
D16CBBlacks mostly Caribbeans or AmericansV05088
D17Out of work or laid off any time during past 6 mthsV05089
D18How long out of work in past 6 mthsV05090
D181Unit of time laid offV05091
D19Reduced hours or pay cut any time during past 6 mthsV05092
D20Extent worried about losing job in near futureV05093
D21Ever worked for payV05094
D22Self-employed or work for someoneV05095
D23Kind of work you did at last job: RecodedV05206EM19EM19
D24Kind of place you worked for at last job: RecodeV05207EM20EM20
D25# hours worked on last job in average weekV05098
D26At job, had skills and abilities for better jobV05099
D27Satisfaction with your jobV05100
D28Satisfaction if son/daughter had your jobV05101
D29CBCarib ppl get better/worse job than white at workplaceV05104
D29BCBCarib ppl get better/worse/same job as black ppl at workplaceV05103
D29Black ppl get better/worse/same job as white at workplaceV05102
D30Your job is one black ppl tend to get more than white pplV05105
D31CBCaribbeans treated unfairly at your workplaceV05107
D31Black ppl treated unfairly at your workplaceV05106
D32Race/gender of supervisorV05108
D33Was group of people w/ same work/supervisor at workplaceV05109
D34Work group race make-upV05110
D34CBBlacks mostly Caribbean or Black AmericanV05111
D35Worked for pay in last 6 mthsV05112
D36Length of time out of workV05113
D361Unit of time out of work D36V05114
D37Presently looking for workV05115
D38Take job if offeredV05116
D39Extent worried about not finding job in near futureV05117
D40Lost hope finding decent jobV05118

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