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Eating Disorder

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

EA1Ever strong fear/concern about being too overweightV04657EA1EA1
EA1AHad strong worry/fear at time when weighed below averageV04658EA1AEA1A
EA2Lowest body weight had purposefully after age 12V04659EA2
EA3A# feet-height at lowest body weight on purposeV04661
EA3B# inches-height at lowest body weight on purposeV04662EA3IN
EA6Afraid of gaining weight when weighed leastV04665EA6EA6
EA7Do things like dieting or exercise to keep weight lowV04666EA7EA7
EA9Weighed least on purpose-stopped having periods for 3+ mthsV04668EA9EA9
EA10Feel like heavier than should have been/wanted to beV04669EA10EA10
EA10BThink some parts of body too fatV04670EA10BEA10B
EA10CSelf-esteem/confidence depended on thinnessV04671EA10CEA10C
EA10DAnyone tell you your low weight bad for health?V04672EA10DEA10D
EA12Remember exact age of lowest weight with problemsV04674EA12EA12
EA12AAge at lowest weightV04675EA12AEA12A
EA12BEstimate age of 1st time lowest weight-computeV04676
EA12B1Estimate age of 1st time lowest weightV04677EA12B1
EA13# different years at lowest weight plus other problemsV04679EA13EA13
EA15How recently at lowest weight and have problems ?V04681EA15EA15
EA15AAge last at lowest weightV04682EA15AEA15A
EA16Eating binges at least 2 times/week for several monthsV04683EA16EA16
EA17During binges- eat much more quickly than usualV04684EA17EA17
EA17ADuring binges- eat until uncomfortably fullV04685EA17AEA17A
EA17BDuring binges- continue to eat even when don't feel hungryV04686EA17BEA17B
EA17CDuring binges- eat alone because embarrassed by quantityV04687EA17CEA17C
EA17DDuring or after binges- feel guilty/upset/depressed after bingedV04688EA17DEA17D
EA17EAround time of binging-afraid you would gain weightV04689EA17EEA17E
EA17FFelt like self-esteem/conf depended on weight/body shapeV04690EA17FEA17F
EA17GWorry about effect of binge on your health and bodyV04691EA17GEA17G
EA17HOften upset that eating out of control during and after bingesV04692EA17HEA17H
EA19Remember exact age 1st binged 2 times/week for 3+ mthsV04694EA19EA19
EA19AAge of 1st binged 2 times/week for 3+ mthsV04695EA19AEA19A
EA19BEstimate age 1st binged 2/week for 3+ mths-computedV04696EA19B
EA19B1Estimate age of 1st binged 2/week for 3+ mthsV04697EA19B1EA19B1
EA19B21st binged 2/week for 3+ mths before 20sV04698EA19B2EA19B2
EA20# different years binged 2 times/week for 3+ mthsV04699EA20EA20
EA22How recently binged 2 times a week V04701EA22EA22
EA22AAge last binged 2 times a weekV04702EA22AEA22A
EA23Fast/liquid diet for 8 hours or longer to control weightV04703EA23
EA23AAfter binging-fast/liquid diet for 8+ hours to control weightV04704EA23AEA23A
EA23BTook water pills/diuretics/weight control meds to control weightV04705EA23BEA23B
EA23CMake yourself vomit to control weightV04706EA23CEA23C
EA23DUsed laxatives or enemas to control weightV04707EA23DEA23D
EA23EExercise excessively to control weightV04708EA23EEA23E
EA23FChew and then spit out food to control weightV04709EA23FEA23F
EA25Used weight control method 2 times/week for 3+ mthsV04711EA25EA25
EA26Remember exact age 1st weight contr method for 3+ mthsV04712EA26EA26
EA26AAge 1st used weight control method for 3+ mthsV04713EA26AEA26A
EA26BEstimate age 1st used weight control method for 3+ mths-comV04714
EA26B1Estimate age used weight control method for 3+ mthsV04715EA26B1EA26B1
EA26B21st used weight control method for 3+ mths before 20V04716EA26B2
EA27# of differents year used wght control method 2/wk for 3+ mthsV04717EA27EA27
EA29How recently did you use weight control strategyV04719EA29EA29
EA29AAge last used weight control strategyV04720EA29AEA29A
EA32AWorst month past yr-eating/wgt interf with chores at homeV04725EA32A
EA32BWorst month past yr-eating/wgt interfere with work/schoolV04727EA32B
EA32CWorst month past yr-eating/wgt interf w/ form/maint relationsV04728EA32C
EA32DWorst month past yr-eating/wgt interfere with social lifeV04730EA32DEA32D*
EA34# of days in past year unable to work/acts due to eating probsV04732EA34EA34
EA35Talked to professional about probs w/ eat/wgt in past 12 mthsV04734
EA35AEver in life talked to professional about problems w/ eat/wgtV04736
EA35BTried to get professional help for probs w/ eating/weightV04737
EA361st time saw professional about eating/weight problemV04740
EA37Age 1st saw doctor for eating problems V04735EA35AEA35A
EA38ATalk to psychiatrist about eating/weight problemV04746
EA38BTalk to other mental health prof about eating/weight problemV04747
EA38CTalk to family doctor about eating/weight problemV04748
EA38DTalk to other medical doctor about eating/weight problemV04749
EA38ETalk to other health prof about eating/weight problemV04750
EA38FTalk to religious/spiritual advisor about eating/weight problemV04751
EA38GTalk to other healer about eating/weight problemV04752
EA39Professional was helpfulV04753
EA401Treatment received for eating/weight prob-1st mention (3 iterations)V04754
EA41Ever hospitalized overnight for eating/weight problemV04759
EA41AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for eating/weight problemV04760
EA41B# times hospitalized overnight for eating/weight problemV04761
EA42Received help from fam/friends/acquaint for eating/wgt probV04762
EA42ATried to get help from fam/friends/acquaint for eating/wgt probV04763

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