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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

DP0DID R SAY YES TO SC21, SC22 or SC23?V00828
DP1Sad/depr episode - discouraged about lifeV00829D1D1
DP1ASad/depr episode - lost interest in enjoyable thingsV00830D1AD1A
DP1BSad/depr episode - lost interest in enjoyable thingsV00831D1BD1B
DP2Discouraged about life episode - lost int in enjoy thingsV00832D2D2
DP9Lost int in enjoy things episode - felt most of time 2+ wksV00833D9D9
DP9ALongest # of days lost interest in enjoyable thingsV00834D9AD9A
DP9A1Time unit lost interest in enjoy things,D9AV00835D9A1D9A1
DP9A2Longest period of losing interest-3+ daysV00836D9A2D9A2
DP12Sadness episode lasted all day for 2+ wksV00845D12D12
DP12ALongest # of days felt sad/discouraged/depressedV00846D12AD12A
DP14Sad episode several days almost every month for a yearV00848D14D14
DP15Severe several day episode - # hours sadness/dayV00849D15D15*
DP16Severe 2+ wk episode - # hours sadness/dayV00850D16D16
DP17Severity of emotional distress during sad episodeV00851D17D17
DP18Severe sad episode - how often nothing could cheer youV00852D18D18
DP19Emotional distress so severe could not carry out activitiesV00853D19D19
DP21Sleep/energy/appetite/concentration problemsV00855D21D21
DP22Apparent worst episode combining most # of other problemsV00856D22D22
DP22AAge worst episode beganV00857D22AD22A
DP22BLength of worst episodeV00858D22BD22B
DP22B1Unit of time of worst episode, D22BV00859D22B1D22B1
DP22CAge of last bad sadness/depressed episode V00860D22CD22C
DP22DLength of last bad sadness/depressed episodeV00861D22DD22D
DP22DP1Time unit last sadness/depressed episode,D22DV00862D22D1D22D1
DP24ASevere dep episode-felt depressed most daysV00863D24AD24A
DP24BSevere dep episode-nothing could cheer you most daysV00864D24BD24B
DP24CSev dep episode-discouraged about things in life most daysV00865D24CD24C
DP24DSevere dep episode-felt hopeless about future most daysV00866D24DD24D
DP24ESevere dep episode-lost int in things you used to think funV00867D24ED24E
DP24FSev dep episode-nothing fun though good things happeningV00868D24FD24F
DP26ASevere dep episode-small appetite most daysV00871D26AD26A
DP26BSevere dep episode-larger appetite than usual most daysV00873D26BD26B
DP26CSevere dep episode-gained weight without trying V00875D26CD26C
DP26DSevere dep episode-weight gain in lbsV00877D26D
DP26ESevere dep episode-lost weight without tryingV00881D26ED26E
DP26FWorst dep episode-amt of weight lossV00884D26F
DP26GSevere dep episode-trouble sleeping most nightsV00887D26GD26G
DP26HSevere dep episode-slept more than usual most nightsV00889D26HD26H
DP26ISevere dep episode-slept much less but not tiredV00891D26ID26I
DP26JSevere dep episode-low energy and tired w/out work most daysV00893D26JD26J
DP26KSevere dep episode-more energy than usual most daysV00894D26KD26K
DP26LSevere dep episode-talk/move more slowly than usual most daysV00895D26LD26L
DP26MSevere dep episode-others notice talk/move more slowlyV00896D26MD26M
DP26NSevere dep episode-so restless couldn't sit still or pacedV00897D26ND26N
DP26OSevere dep episode-others notice restlessnessV00898D26OD26O
DP26PSevere dep episode-slow or mixed up thoughts most daysV00899D26PD26P
DP26QSevere dep episode-jumping or racing thoughts hard to trackV00900D26QD26Q
DP26RSevere dep episode-more trouble concentrating most daysV00901D26RD26R
DP26SSevere dep episode-unusual indecisivenessV00902D26SD26S
DP26TSevere dep episode-lost self confidenceV00903D26TD26T
DP26USevere dep episode-felt not as good as others most daysV00904D26UD26U
DP26VSevere dep episode-worthless feeling most daysV00905D26VD26V
DP26WSevere dep episode-felt guilty most daysV00906D26WD26W
DP26XSevere dep episode-felt irritable/grouchy/moody most daysV00907D26XD26X
DP26YSevere dep episode-felt nervous or anxious most daysV00908D26YD26Y
DP26ZSevere dep episode-sudden attacks of intense fear or panicV00909D26ZD26Z
DP26AASevere dep episode- often thought of deathV00872D26AAD26AA
DP26BBSevere dep episode-would be better if deadV00874D26BBD26BB
DP26CCSevere dep episode-thought about suicideV00876D26CCD26CC
DP26DDSevere dep episode-made suicide planV00880D26DDD26DD
DP26EESevere dep episode-attempted suicideV00882D26EED26EE
DP26FFSevere dep episode-unable to cope with daily responsibilitiesV00886D26FFD26FF
DP26GGSevere dep episode-alone rather than with friends/relativesV00888D26GGD26GG
DP26HHSevere dep episode-less talkative than usual most nightsV00890D26HHD26HH
DP26IISevere dep episode-cried oftenV00892D26IID26II
DP28Sadness and probs interfered w/ work/relations/social lifeV00911D28D28
DP28ASevere depressed episode-unable to perform daily activitiesV00912D28AD28A
DP29ASevere depressed episodes result of physical causesV00913D29AD29A
DP29BSevere depressed episodes always result of physical causesV00914D29BD29B
DP37Exact age 1st dep episode combined with other problemsV00915D37D37
DP37AAge 1st depressed episodeV00916D37AD37A
DP37B1Estimate age of 1st episodeV00919D37B1D37B1
DP37B21st episode before started schoolV00920D37B2D37B2
DP37B31st episode before teenagerV00921D37B3D37B3
DP37B_11st episode brought on by stress or out of blueV00918D37B_1D37B_1
DP37C1Approx length of 1st episodeV00923D37C1D37C1
DP37C2Unit time 1st episodeV00924D37C2D37C2*
DP38Sadness episode combined with other probs in past 12 mthsV00928D38D38
DP38ARecent occurrence of sadness + other episodeV00929D38AD38A
DP38A1# of episodes in the past 12 monthsV00930D38A_1D38A_1
DP38A3Mth 1st episode of sadness began causing hospitalizationV01016
DP38A3AYear episode startedV00934
DP38A4Length of episode-so farV00936D38A_4D38A_4
DP38A4AUnit time of episodeV00937D38A_4AD38A_4A
DP38A6Episode ended or ongoingV00940
DP38A7Length 1st episode in the past yearV00941D38A_7AD38A_7A
DP38A7AUnit of time 1st episode in the past year,D38A_7V00942D38A_7BD38A_7B
DP38A9Most recent episode ended or ongoingV00945
DP38B# of days in past 365 in episodeV00946D38BD38B
DP38CAge last time with episodeV00947D38CD38C
DP39Longest period had episode w other problem mostV00948D39D39
DP39AUnit time longest episode, D39V00949D39AD39A
DP40INTERVIEWER QUERY - length of longest episodeV00950D40
DP37BEstimate age 1st episodeV00917D37B
DP41Full year with episodes lasting several days + most monthsV00951D41D41
DP42Age had 1st year of episodes every monthV00953D42D42
DP42_1Episodes brought by stressful exp in 1st year of episodesV00954D42_1D42_1
DP43# of years with episodes nearly every monthV00956D43D43
DP46Full year or longer with episodes most daysV00958D46D46
DP47Age at first year with episodes most daysV00959D47D47
DP48# of different years in episode most daysV00960D48D48
DP50Longest continuous # years in episode most daysV00962D50D50
DP52# of episodes with other problems lasting 2+ weeksV00963D52D52
DP53_1Episodes brought by stressful experienceV00965D53_1D53_1
DP54# of different years in life had at least one episodeV00967D54D54
DP56Longest continuous # years with at least 1 episode per yearV00969D56D56
DP57INTERVIEWER QUERY - length of longest episodeV00970D57
DP58Full year or longer in episode most daysV00971D58D58
DP59# of years in life in episode most daysV00972D59D59
DP59AAge first time had a year of episodes most daysV00973D59AD59A
DP61Longest # continuous years in episodes for most daysV00975D61D61
DP64AMark statement- Problems falling asleep-most severe episodeV00980D64AD64A
DP64BMark statement- Waking up at night-most severe episodeV00981D64BD64B
DP64CMark statement- Wake too early in morn-most severe episodeV00982D64CD64C
DP64DMark statement- Amount of sleep-most severe episodeV00983D64DD64D
DP64EMark statement- Feeling sad-most severe episodeV00984D64ED64E
DP64FMark stmnt- Concentrate and make dec-most sev episodeV00985D64FD64F
DP64GMark statement- Feel down on self-most severe episodeV00986D64GD64G
DP64HMark statement- Int in daily activities-most severe episodeV00987D64HD64H
DP64IMark statement- Level of energy-most severe episodeV00988D64ID64I
DP66ASevere month in past year interfered w/ home mgmtV00989D66AD66A*
DP66BSevere month in past year interfered w/ ability to workV00990D66BD66B*
DP66CSevere mth in past yr interfered w/ form/maint close relationsV00991D66CD66C*
DP66DSevere month in past interfered with social lifeV00992D66DD66D*
DP68Days in yr totally unable to do usual activities due to sadnessV00994D68D68
DP69Talked to professional about sadness in past 12 mthsV01017
DP69ASaw professional about sadnessV00995D72D72
DP69BTried to get professional help for sadnessV01018
DP701st time seen professional about sadnessV01021
DP71Age first time talked to professional about sadness/discourV01007D72AD72A
DP72ASeen psychiatrist about sadnessV01022
DP72BSeen other mental health professional about sadnessV01023
DP72CSeen family doc about sadnessV01024
DP72DSeen other med doc about sadnessV01025
DP72ESeen other health prof about sadnessV01026
DP72FSeen religious or spiritual advisor about sadnessV01027
DP72GSeen other healer about sadnessV01028
DP73Professionals were helpfulV01029
DP741Treatment received-1st mention (4 iterations)V01030
DP75Hospitalized overnight for sadnessV01014D87D87
DP75AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for sadnessV01015D87AD87A
DP75B# times hospitalized for sadnessV01034
DP76Received help for sadness from family/friends/acquaintancesV01035
DP76ATried to get help for sadness from family/friends/acquaintV01036

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