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Variable Label: Unreimbursed costs of trmnt of emotional probs past year


The next question is about the money you spent over the past 12 months on treatment of problems with your emotions [(or substance use)]. This includes all the money you and your family members paid "out-of-pocket" for visits, medications, tests, and services associated with your treatment.

Not including any costs that were reimbursed or that will be reimbursed by insurance, about how much money have you (and your family) spent on treatment of emotional [(or substance use)] problems in the past 12 months?

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  • Valid N: 391
  • Refused: 26
  • Don't Know: 2
  • Missing (Other): 0
  • Missing (System): 4230
MeanStd DevMedianMinMax
  • Valid Range: 0 - 9997
  • Total Cases: 4649

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