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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

SR2Overnight stay in hosp/facility for mental health/drug-alc useV02048SR2SR2
SR3# times hospitalized for mental health/substance useV02049SR3SR3*
SR5AWhen overnight stay in hosp/facility for mental health/drug-alcV02051SR5ASR5A
SR5BAge hospitalized overnight for mental health/substance useV02052SR5BSR5B
SR5CLength hospitalization mental health/substance useV02053SR5CSR5C*
SR5DUnit time hospitalized mental health/substance useV02054SR5DSR5C1
SR6ADuration all hospitalizations mental healthV02210SR6ASR6
SR6BUnit time hospitalized mental health/substance useV02055SR6BSR6A
SR7Age 1st hospitalized overnight for mental health/sub useV02056SR7SR7
SR8Hospitalized for mental health in past 12 mthsV02057SR8SR8
SR8AAge most recent hospitalization for mental healthV02058SR8ASR8A
SR9Past year-duration hospitalized mental healthV02062SR9ASR9
SR9_1Internet support group/chat room for help w/ emotions/nervesV02059SR9_1SR9_1
SR9_1ALast time used online support group for help w/ emotionsV02060SR9_1ASR9_1A
SR9_1B# of times used online support group for emot in past 12 mthsV02061SR9_1BSR9_1B
SR10Attend self-help group for emotions in lifetimeV02064SR10SR10
SR10AAge 1st self-help group for emotionsV02065SR10ASR10A
SR10BLast time used self-help group for emotionV02066SR10BSR10B
SR10C# times self-help group meetings for emotions in past yearV02067SR10CSR10C
SR11Used hotline for problems with emotions/nervesV02068SR11SR11
SR11AAge 1st used hotline for emotions/nervesV02069SR11ASR11A
SR11BLast time used hotline for emotions/nervesV02070SR11BSR11B
SR11C# of times used hotline for emotions/nerves in past yearV02071SR11CSR11C
SR12Professional psych counsel or therapy for 30 min +V02072SR12SR12
SR12AAge 1st session of psych counsel/therapyV02074SR12ASR12A
SR13Received meds for emotions/mental health from professionalV02075SR13
SR13AAge 1st prescription for emotionsV02077SR13ASR13A
SR16Seen professional for emotions/nerves/sub use in lifetimeV02081SR16SR16
SR17_01Talked to professional about mental health:1st mention (10 iterations)V02082
SR19Age 1st talk to psychiatrist about emotion/mental healthV02115SR19SR19
SR20Last time talk to psychiatrist about emotion/mental healthV02116SR20SR20
SR21Age last saw psychiatristV02117SR21SR21
SR22# visits to psychiatrist for emotions/sub use past yearV02118SR22SR22
SR22AAverage # of mins psychiatrist visits lastV02119SR22ASR22A
SR23Satisfaction w/ treatment/serv from psychiatrist past yearV02120SR23SR23
SR24Amount psychiatrist helpedV02121SR24SR24
SR24AQuality of service received rating for psychiatristV02122
SR24BPsychiatrist accepted/understood meV02123
SR25Stopped seeing psychiatrist or ongoing treatmentV02124SR25SR25
SR25ACompleted psychiatrist treatment or quitV02125SR25ASR25A
SR27Age 1st saw medical doctor for mental health/sub useV02128SR27SR27
SR28Last saw medical doctor for mental health/sub useV02129SR28SR28
SR29Age last saw medical doctor for mental health/sub useV02130SR29SR29*
SR30Medical doctor recommend clinic for emotionsV02131SR30SR30
SR31Age 1st clinic/specialist referral for ment health/sub useV02132SR31SR31
SR33Med doctor recommend specialist/clinic past 12 mthsV02134SR33SR33
SR35# visits to med doc for emotions/sub use past 12 mthsV02136SR35SR35
SR35AAverage # min med doc visits lasted for emotions/sub useV02137SR35ASR35A
SR36Satisfaction w/ med doc treat/services past 12 mthsV02138SR36SR36
SR37Amount medical doctor helpedV02139SR37SR37
SR37AQuality of service received rating for medical doctorV02140
SR37BMedical doctor accepted/understood meV02141
SR38Stopped seeing medical doctor or ongoing treatmentV02142SR38SR38
SR38ACompleted medical doctor treatment or quitV02143SR38ASR38A
SR40Age 1st saw psychologist about mental health/sub useV02146SR40SR40
SR41Last time saw psychologist for emotions/sub useV02147SR41SR41
SR42Age last saw psychologist for emotions/sub useV02148SR42SR42
SR43# of psychologist visits in past 12 mthsV02149SR43SR43
SR43AAverage # of minutes psychologist visits lastedV02150SR43ASR43A
SR44Satisfaction w/ psychologist treat/services past 12 mthsV02151SR44SR44
SR45Amount psychologist helpedV02152SR45SR45
SR45AQuality of service received rating for psychologistV02153
SR45BPsychologist accepted/understood meV02154
SR46ACompleted psychologist treatment or quitV02156
SR46BCompleted psychologist treatment or quitV02157SR46BSR46B
SR48Age 1st saw social worker for mental health/sub useV02160SR48SR48
SR49Last time saw social worker for mental health/sub useV02161SR49SR49
SR50Age last saw social worker for mental health/sub useV02162SR50SR50
SR51# social worker visits for mental health/sub use past 12 mthsV02163SR51SR51
SR51AAverage # of minutes social worker visits lastedV02164SR51ASR51A
SR52_1Location saw social worker-1st mention (4 iterations)V02165SR521SR521
SR53Satisfaction w/ social worker treat/services past 12 mthsV02174SR53SR53
SR54Amount social worker helpedV02175SR54SR54
SR54AQuality of service received rating for social workerV02465
SR54BSocial worker accepted/understood meV02176
SR55Stopped seeing social worker or ongoing treatmentV02178
SR55ACompleted social worker treatment or quitV02179SR55ASR55A
SR57Age 1st saw counselor for mental health/sub useV02182SR57SR57
SR58Last time saw counselor for mental health/sub useV02183SR58SR58
SR59Age last saw counselor for mental health/sub useV02184SR59SR59
SR60# counselor visits for mental health/sub use past 12 mthsV02185SR60SR60
SR60AAverage # of minutes counselor visits lastedV02186SR60ASR60A
SR61_1Location saw counselor-1st mention (4 iterations)V02187SR611SR611
SR62Satisfaction w/ counselor treat/services past 12 mthsV02196SR62SR62
SR63Amount counselor helpedV02197SR63SR63
SR63AQuality of service received rating for counselorV02198
SR63BCounselor accepted/understood meV02199
SR64Stopped seeing counselor or ongoing treatmentV02200
SR64AComplete counselor treatmentsV02202SR64ASR64A
SR66Age 1st saw other ment health prof for ment health/sub useV02205SR66SR66
SR67Last saw other mental health professionalV02206SR67SR67
SR68Age last saw mental health professional about emotionsV02207SR68SR68*
SR69# other prof visits for mental health/sub use past 12 mthsV02208SR69SR69
SR69AAverage # of minutes professional visits lastedV02209SR69ASR69A
SR70Satisf w/ non-MD health prof treat/services past 12 mthsV02211SR70SR70*
SR71Amount professional helpedV02212SR71SR71
SR71AQuality of service received rating for professionalV02213
SR71BProfessional accepted/understood meV02214
SR72Stopped seeing professional or ongoing treatmentV02215SR72SR72
SR72ACompleted mental health professional treatmentsV02216SR72ASR72A
SR74Age 1st saw nurse/ot/non MD prof for ment health/sub useV02219SR74SR74
SR75Last time saw nurse/ot/non MD prof for emotionsV02220SR75SR75
SR76Age last saw nurse/ot/non MD prof for emotionsV02221SR76SR76
SR77Nurse/ot/non MD prof recom ment health spec/clinicV02222SR77SR77
SR78Age 1st time nurse/ot/non MD prof recommended clinicV02223SR78SR78
SR80Other non MD prof recom mental health clinic past 12 mthsV02225SR80SR80
SR82# visits to non-MD health prof in past 12 mthsV02227SR82SR82
SR82AAve # of minutes non-MD health prof visits lastedV02228SR82ASR82A
SR83Satisf w/ spiritual advisor treat/services past 12 mthsV02229SR83SR83*
SR84Amount non-MD health professional helpedV02230SR84SR84
SR84AQuality of service received rating for non-MD health profV02231
SR84BNon-MD health professional accepted/understood meV02232
SR85Stopped seeing non-MD health prof or ongoing treatmentV02234
SR85ACompleted non-MD health professional treatmentsV02235SR85ASR85A
SR87Age 1st saw spiritual advisor for ment health/sub useV02238SR87SR87*
SR88Last saw spiritual advisor for ment health/sub useV02239SR88SR88
SR89Age last saw spiritual advisor for ment health/sub useV02240SR89SR89
SR90Spiritual advisor recom ment health specialist/clinicV02241SR90SR90
SR91Age spiritual advisor 1st refer to ment health spec/clinicV02242SR91SR91
SR93Spiritual advisor refer mental health spec/clinic past yrV02244SR93SR93
SR95# visits to spiritual advisor in past 12 mthsV02246SR95SR95
SR95AAverage # of mins spiritual advisor visits lastedV02247SR95ASR95A
SR96Satisfaction w/ spirit advisor treat/services past 12 mthsV02248SR96SR96
SR97Amount spiritual advisor helpedV02249SR97SR97
SR97AQuality of service received rating for spiritual advisorV02250
SR97BSpiritual advisor accepted/understood meV02251
SR98Stopped seeing spiritual advisor or ongoing treatmentV02253
SR98ACompleted spiritual advisor treatmentsV02254SR98ASR98A
SR100Age 1st saw healer for mental health/substance useV02257SR100SR100
SR101Last saw healer for mental health/substance useV02258SR101SR101
SR102Age last saw healer for mental health/substance useV02259SR102SR102
SR103# visits to healer in past 12 mthsV02260SR103SR103
SR104Average # of mins healer visits lastedV02261SR104SR104
SR105_01What kind of healer:1st mention (8 iterations)V02262
SR106Satisfaction w/ treatment/services from healer past 12 mthsV02291SR106SR106
SR107Amount healer helpedV02292SR107SR107
SR107AQuality of service received rating for healerV02293
SR107BHealer accepted/understood meV02294
SR108Stopped seeing healer or ongoing treatmentV02295SR108SR108
SR108ACompleted healer course of treatmentV02296SR108ASR108A
SR110Unreimbursed costs of trmnt of emotional probs past yearV02298SR110
SR110AAble to communicate in preferred language in past yearV02300
SR111Volunteer or pressured to see prof about emot past yrV02301SR111SR111
SR112Reason didn't want to see professionalV02302SR112SR112
SR113Encouraged or pressured to see prof about emotionsV02303SR113SR113
SR114Amout of time thinking needed to see prof before treatedV02304SR114SR114
SR114AUnit time thought should see professionalV02305SR114ASR114A
SR116AReason delay treatment-insuranceV02307SR116ASR116A
SR116BReason delay treatment-problem get better by itselfV02308SR116BSR116B
SR116CReason delay treatment-problem didn't bother you at 1stV02309SR116CSR116C
SR116DReason delay treatment-handle problem on ownV02310SR116DSR116D
SR116EReason delay treatment-think treatment not workV02311SR116ESR116E
SR116FReason delay treatment-treatment didn't work beforeV02312SR116FSR116F
SR116GReason delay treatment-too expensiveV02313SR116GSR116G
SR116HReason delay treatment-worry what people thinkV02314SR116HSR116H
SR116IReason delay treatment-conflicts/hard to get to trmntV02315SR116ISR116I
SR116JReason delay treatment-unsure who/where to see/goV02316SR116JSR116J
SR116KReason delay treatment-time consuming/inconvenientV02317SR116KSR116K
SR116LReason delay treatment-could not get appointmentV02318SR116LSR116L
SR116MReason delay treatment-scared of hospital against willV02319SR116MSR116M
SR116NReason delay treatment-dislike service optionsV02320SR116NSR116N
SR116OReason delay treatment-treated unfairly race/ethnicityV02321
SR116PReason delay treatment-language barrierV02322
SR116QReason delay treatment-unable get same race providerV02323
SR116RReason delay treatment-could not choose providerV02324
SR116SReason delay treatment-not comfort discuss w/ profV02325
SR117Reason delay treatment-other reasonV02326SR117SR117
SR118_1Main hope from tx:1st mention (8 iterations)V02327SR1181SR1181*
SR120AReason quit treatment-got betterV02336SR120ASR120A*
SR120BReason quit treatment-did not need more helpV02337SR120BSR120B*
SR120CReason quit treatment-not getting better V02338SR120CSR120C*
SR120DReason quit treatment-handle problems on ownV02339SR120DSR120D*
SR120EReason quit treatment-bad exp w/ treatment providersV02340SR120ESR120E*
SR120FReason quit treatment-worry what people thinkV02341SR120FSR120F*
SR120GReason quit treatment-treated unfairlyV02342SR120GSR120G*
SR120HReason quit treatment-therapist leftV02343SR120HSR120H*
SR120IReason quit treatmt-felt out of placeV02344SR120ISR120I*
SR120JReason quit treatment-policies were hassleV02345SR120JSR120J*
SR120KReason quit treatment-schedulingV02346SR120KSR120K*
SR120LReason quit treatment-you movedV02347SR120LSR120L*
SR120MReason quit treatment-expensiveV02348SR120MSR120M*
SR120NReason quit treatment-insurance stop payingV02349SR120NSR120N*
SR120OReason quit treatment-family wanted stopV02350SR120OSR120O*
SR120PReason quit treatment-could not communicateV02351
SR120QReason quit treatment-provider not comprehend probsV02352
SR120RReason quit treatment-less attn because of raceV02353
SR121Reason quit treatment-otherV02354SR121SR121
SR122Needed to see prof because of emotions/sub use past yrV02355SR122SR122
SR122AAmt of time thought needed professional helpV02356SR122ASR122A*
SR122BUnit time thought need professional helpV02357SR122BSR122A1
SR123Reason did not see professionalV02358SR123SR123
SR124Encour/pressured to see prof about ment health past yrV02359SR124SR124
SR126AReason not get help-insurance won't coverV02361SR126ASR126A
SR126BReason not get help-problem went away/didn't need helpV02362SR126BSR126B
SR126CReason not get help-think improve on ownV02363SR126CSR126C
SR126DReason not get help-expensiveV02364SR126DSR126D
SR126EReason not get help-unsure who to seeV02365SR126ESR126E
SR126FReason not get help-not think treatment workV02366SR126FSR126F
SR126GReason not get help-worry what other thinkV02367SR126GSR126G
SR126HReason not get help-time consuming/inconvenientV02368SR126HSR126H
SR126IReason not get help-want handle on ownV02369SR126ISR126I
SR126JReason not get help-could not get appointmentV02370SR126JSR126J
SR126KReason not get help-scared of hospital against willV02371SR126KSR126K
SR126LReason quit treatment-dislike service optionsV02372SR126LSR126L
SR126MReason not get help-previous treatment failedV02373SR126MSR126M
SR126NReason not get help-problem didn't bother muchV02374SR126NSR126N
SR126OReason not get help-schedulingV02375SR126OSR126O
SR126PReason not get help-no same language provider in areaV02376
SR126QReason not get help-no insuranceV02377
SR126RReason not get help-treated unfairly because race/ethnicityV02378
SR126SReason not get help-linguistic barriers/unable to communicateV02379
SR126TReason not get help-unable to find provider of same raceV02380
SR126UReason not get help-could not choose providerV02381
SR126VReason not get help-not comfortable discuss probs w/ profV02382
SR127Reason not get help-otherV02383SR127SR127
SR128Used alternative therapies for emot/nerves in past 12 mthsV02384SR128SR128
SR128A01Alernative therapies used-1st mention (12 iterations)V02385SR128A01SR128A01
SR130__S_1Herbal meds for emtions/nerves/ment health:2nd mention (5 iterations)V02405SR1302SR1302
SR130_1Herbal meds for emtions/nerves/ment health:1st mentionV02404SR1301SR1301
SR130A# of days past year used herbal medicinesV02412SR130ASR130A
SR130BProfessional advised use of herbal medicinesV02413SR130BSR130B
SR130C01Professional advised use of herbal medicines:1st mention (2 iterations)V02414SR130C01
SR131Talked to telephone psychic in past 12 monthsV02437SR131SR131
SR131A# times talked to telephone psychic in past yearV02438SR131ASR131A
SR131BAverage # minutes calls to telephone psychic lastedV02439SR131BSR131B
SR131C_1Discussed w/ phone psychic-1st mention (2 iterations)V02440SR131C1
SR133_01Type of self-help group attended in past 12 mths:1st mention (5 iterations)V02451SR13301SR13301
SR135Relationship of self-help group to professional helpV02464SR135SR135

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