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Variable Label: Trauma event caused recent reaction-9th mention


What were the traumatic events that caused these recent reactions?

(PROBE UNTIL NO MORE MENTIONS: Any other traumatic events that caused these reactions during the past 12 months?)


Endorsed events:

1 combat experience (see V06206)

2 relief worker in war zone (see V06206)

3 civilian in war zone (see V06206)

4 civilian in region of terror (see V06206)

5 refugee (see V06206)

6 kidnapped (see V06206)

7 toxic chemical exposure (see V06206)

8 automobile accident (see V06206)

9 life-threatening accident (see V06206)

10 natural disaster (see V06206)

11 man-made disaster (see V06206)

12 life-threatening illness (see V06206)

13 beaten up as a child by caregiver (see V06206)

14 beaten up by a spouse or romantic partner (see V06206)

15 beaten by somebody else (see V06206)

16 mugged or threatened with a weapon (see V06206)

17 raped (see V06206)

18 sexually assaulted (see V06206)

19 stalked (see V06206)

20 unexpected death of a loved one (see V06206)

21 child's serious illness (see V06206)

22 traumatic event to love one (see V06206)

23 witnessed death or dead body or saw someone seriously hurt (see V06206)

24 accidentally caused serious injury or death (see V06206)

25 purposely injured, tortured or killed someone (see V06206)

26 saw atrocities (see V06206)

27 some other event (see V06204)

28 private event (see V06206)

29 witnessed physical fights at home (see V06206)

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  • Missing Data Codes: -9 (Refused), -8 (Don't know), . (Missing)
  • Total Cases: 4649

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