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Panic Disorder

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

PD1INTR1Problems during bad fear or panic episodeV01262
PD1INTR2Problems during bad episode of short breath/heart race/dizzyV01263
PD1INTR3Problems during anxiety attack/thought losing mindV01264
PD1ADuring attack-heart racingV01265PD1APD1A
PD1BDuring attack-short of breathV01266PD1BPD1B
PD1CDuring attack-nausea/stomach discomfortV01267PD1CPD1C
PD1DDuring attack-feel dizzyV01268PD1DPD1D
PD1EDuring attack-sweatingV01269PD1EPD1E
PD1FDuring attack-trembling or shakingV01270PD1FPD1F
PD1GDuring attack-dry mouthV01271PD1GPD1G
PD1HDuring attack-felt you are chokingV01272PD1HPD1H
PD1IDuring attack-chest discomfortV01273PD1IPD1I
PD1JDuring attack-might lose control or go crazyV01274PD1JPD1J
PD1KDuring attack-felt you were not really thereV01275PD1KPD1K
PD1LDuring attack-feel things around you unreal/dreamlikeV01276PD1LPD1L
PD1MDuring attack-afraid of passing outV01277PD1MPD1M
PD1NDuring attack-afraid might dieV01278PD1NPD1N
PD1ODuring attack-hot flushes or chillsV01279PD1OPD1O
PD1PDuring attack-numbness or tinglingV01280PD1PPD1P
PD3Attack symptoms began and reached peak within 10 minV01282PD3PD3
PD4# of sudden attacks in lifetimeV01283PD4PD4
PD6When did attack occurV01285PD6PD6
PD7Remember exact age at attackV01286PD7PD7
PD7AAge at attackV01287PD7APD7A
PD7B1Estimate age at attackV01289PD7B1PD7B1
PD7B2Attack before started schoolV01290PD7B2PD7B2
PD7B3Attack before teenagerV01291PD7B3PD7B3
PD8Situation in which attack occurredV01292PD8PD8
PD9Remember exact age of 1st attackV01293PD9PD9
PD9AAge 1st attackV01294PD9APD9A
PD9B1Estimate age 1st attackV01296PD9B1PD9B1
PD9B21st attack before started schoolV01297PD9B2PD9B2
PD9B31st attack before teenagerV01298PD9B3PD9B3
PD10Any attack in past yearV01300PD10PD10
PD10AHow recent in past year attack occurredV01301PD10APD10A
PD10B# of weeks in past year had at least one attackV01302PD10BPD10B
PD10CTotal # of attacks in past yearV01303PD10CPD10C
PD10DAge at last attackV01304PD10DPD10D
PD11Largest number attacks in any single year V01305PD11PD11
PD12# of separate years at least had 1 attackV01306PD12PD12
PD13AAfter attack, worried for month or more about another attackV01307PD13APD13A
PD13BWorried for mth or more something terrible might happenV01308PD13BPD13B
PD13CChanged everyday activities for month or moreV01309PD13CPD13C*
PD13DAvoided situations due to fear another attack for mth or moreV01310PD13DPD13D*
PD15Age 1st mth of worry/change activities/avoid sits due to attackV01312PD15PD15
PD16Month of worry or change in activities in past 12 mthsV01313PD16PD16
PD16AHow recent the worry and change in activitiesV01314PD16APD16A
PD16B# of months of worry or change in activities in past 12 mthsV01315PD16BPD16B
PD16CFrequency of worry in severe episode in past 12 mthsV01316PD16CPD16C
PD16DSeverity of worry during severe episodeV01317PD16DPD16D
PD16EAge last time had month of worry about attack V01318PD16EPD16E
PD17Ever have attack occur unexpectedly out of blueV01319PD17PD17
PD17A# of lifetime attacks occur unexpectedlyV01320PD17APD17A
PD18# of lifetime attacks due to unreasonable fear of situationV01322PD18PD18
PD19# of lifetime attacks due to real dangerV01323PD19PD19
PD21B1Age of 1st out of blue attackV01327PD21B1PD21B1*
PD21B21st sudden attack before started school, PD21B1V01328PD21B2PD21B2
PD21B31st sudden attack before teenager, PD21B1V01329PD21B3PD21B3
PD22Sudden attacks interfere w/ work/social life/relationshipsV01330PD22PD22
PD24Sudden attack occurred while asleepV01332PD24PD24
PD24A# sudden attacks occuring while asleepV01333PD24APD24A
PD25ASudden attacks ever due to physical illness or med/drug/alcV01334PD25APD25A
PD25BAll sudden attacks due to physical causesV01335PD25BPD25B
PD36# unexpected sudden attacks in past yearV01339PD36PD36
PD37AAge at last sudden attackV01341PD37APD37A
PD37B# of weeks in past year had at least one sudden attackV01342PD37BPD37B
PD38How recently in past year did attack occurV01343PD38PD38
PD40Severity of emotional distress during attacks in last 12 mthsV01345PD40PD40
PD41Upset by physical sensations remind of attack in last 12 mthsV01346PD41PD41
PD41ASeverity of discomf from physical sensations in last 12 mthsV01347PD41APD41A
PD42Avoid situations caused physical sensation in past 12 mthsV01348PD42PD42
PD43Avoidance of situation interfered with work/social life/relationsV01349PD43PD43
PD44AWorst month in past year-attack interfered with home mgmtV01350PD44APD44A
PD44BWorst month in past year-attack interfered with workV01351PD44BPD44B*
PD44CWorst month in past year-attack interf w/ form/maint relationsV01352PD44CPD44C*
PD44DWorst month in past year-attack interfere with social lifeV01353PD44DPD44D
PD46# of days in yr unable to carry out activities due to attackV01355PD46PD46
PD50Ever talked to professional about panic attacksV01357PD50
PD50_101Talked to professional about panic attacks:1st mention (10 iterations)V01358
PD50AAge 1st see professional for attacksV01370PD50APD52
PD62Received helpful/effective treatment for attackV01390PD62
PD62AAge 1st got helpful treatment for attackV01391PD62A
PD62BTotal profs seen for panic incl helpful treatment docV01392PD62B
PD62C# professionals ever talk to about panic attacksV01393PD62C
PD64Receive professional treatment for attacks in past 12 mthsV01394PD64
PD65Hospitalized overnight for attacksV01395PD65PD56
PD65AAge 1st time hospitalized overnight for attacksV01397PD65APD56A*
PD65_1# close relatives ever had panic attacksV01396PD65_1

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