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Nervous Attacks

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

AT2INTRODuring out of control nerv attack-shout a lotV06457
AT2BDuring out of control nerv attack-crying attacksV06458
AT2CDuring out of control nerv attack-break things/aggressiveV06459
AT2DDuring out of control nerv attack-get very angryV06460
AT2EDuring out of control nerv attack-scaredV06461
AT2FDuring out of control nerv attack-hystericalV06462
AT2GDuring out of control nerv attack-tremble a lotV06463
AT2HDuring out of control nerv attack-not selfV06464
AT2IDuring out of control nerv attack-amnesiaV06465
AT2JDuring out of control nerv attack-dizzyV06466
AT2KDuring out of control nerv attack-seizureV06467
AT2LDuring out of control nerv attack-heart palpitationsV06468
AT2MDuring out of control nerv attack-tight chestV06469
AT2NDuring out of control nerv attack-faintingV06470
AT3_1Totally lost control during nervous attack in past yearV06474
AT3Talked to Dr about nervous attacksV06473
AT5ASevere nerv attack in past yr interf w/ home mgmtV06475
AT5BSevere nerv attack in past yr interf w/ ability to workV06476
AT5CSevere nerv attack in past yr interf w/ form/maint relationsV06477
AT5DSevere nerv attack in past yr interf w/ social lifeV06478
AT6More than 1 nervous attackV06479
AT6A# nervous attacks lifetimeV06480
AT7Age 1st nervous attackV06481
AT9Age last nervous attackV06483
AT10ANervous attack occur because of bad newsV06484
AT10BNervous attack occur because death of family memberV06485
AT10CNervous attack occur because family problemV06486
AT10DNervous attack occur because marital problemV06487
AT10ENervous attack occur because natural disasterV06488
AT10FNervous attack occur because frightening eventV06489
AT10GNervous attack occur because strong emotionV06490
AT10HNervous attack occur because worriesV06491
AT10INervous attack occur because assaultV06492
AT10JNervous attack occur because economic problemV06493
AT10KNervous attack occur because illnessV06494
AT10LNervous attack occur because use of alcohol or drugsV06495
AT10MNervous attack occur because of other situationV06496

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