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Irritable Depression

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

IR1Other problems during irritable episode for several days +V01159IR1B
IR2Period of being irritable + other problems for most of 2 weeksV01160IR2
IR2ALongest # days when irritable + other probs most of dayV01161IR2A
IR4Irritable + other probs sev days every mth of yearV01163IR4
IR7Irritable + largest # other probs episode that stands outV01164IR7
IR7AAge worst episode occurredV01165IR7A
IR7B1Length irritable episode + largest # other probsV01166IR7B1
IR7B2Unit of time irritable episode + largest # other probs, IR7B1V01167IR7B2
IR7CExperiences most day, every day last time irritable + otherV01168IR7C
IR8AIn worst ep-feel discouraged about how things going in lifeV01169IR8A
IR8BIn worst episode-lose ability take pleasure in good happeningsV01170IR8B
IR8CIn worst episode-much larger appetite nearly every dayV01171IR8C
IR8DIn worst episode-much smaller appetite nearly every dayV01172IR8D
IR8EIn worst episode-have trouble sleepingV01173IR8E
IR8FIn worst episode-sleep too much nearly every nightV01174IR8F
IR8GIn worst episode-lot more energy nearly every dayV01175IR8G
IR8HIn worst episode-lot less energy nearly every dayV01176IR8H
IR8IIn worst episode-nerv/jittery so can't sit still or paceV01177IR8I
IR8JIn worst episode-trouble concentrating nearly every dayV01178IR8J
IR8KIn worst episode-lose your self-confidenceV01179IR8K
IR8LIn worst episode-think about committing suicideV01180IR8L
IR8MIn worst episode-think about harming someone elseV01181IR8M
IR10Irritability + other probs interfered w/ work/social life/relationsV01183IR10
IR10AUnable to carry out daily activities because of irrit + other probV01184IR10A
IR11Amount of time irritability lastedV01185IR11
IR11_1Severity of irritability during episodeV01186IR11_1
IR11_2So irritable that nothing could bring good moodV01187IR11_2
IR12AIrritability due to physical causes or med/drugs/alcoholV01189IR12A
IR12BIrritability always from physical causesV01190IR12B
IR20Remember exact age 1st irritable period + other probsV01191IR20
IR20AAge in years 1st irritable episode + other probsV01192IR20A
IR20B1Approximate age 1st irritable episode + other probsV01194IR20B1
IR20B2Irritability + other probs before 1st started school, IR20B1V01195IR20B2
IR20B3Irritability + other probs before a teenager, IR20B1V01196IR20B3
IR20C1st time irritable + other probs because stress exp/out of blueV01198
IR20D1Approx length 1st time irritable + other probsV01199IR20D1
IR20D2Unit time, IR20D1V01200IR20D2
IR20EIrritable + other probs episode after someone close diedV01201
IR20FIrritable + episode reason other than someone close diedV01202
IR21Irritable episodes past 12 monthsV01203IR21
IR21AMost recent irritable episodeV01204IR21A
IR21A_1# different irritable episodes past 12 monthsV01205IR21A_1
IR21A_3AMonth irritable episode startedV01207IR21A_3A
IR21A_3BYear irritable episode startedV01208IR21A_3B
IR21A_4ALength of irritable episodeV01209IR21A_4A
IR21A_4BUnit time, IR21A.4AV01210IR21A_4B
IR21A_6Has this episode ended or still going onV01213
IR21A_7ALength 1st irritable episode lastedV01214IR21A_7A
IR21A_7BUnit time, IR21A.7AV01215IR21A_7B
IR21A_9Most recent episode ended or ongoingV01217IR21A_9
IR21B# of days irritable episodes past yearV01218IR21B
IR21CAge last time had irritable episodeV01219IR21C
IR35# irritability episodes in lifetimeV01220IR35
IR36_1# episodes brought on by stressful experienceV01222IR36_1
IR36_2Happened after someone close diedV01223
IR38ALength of longest irritable episodeV01224IR38A
IR38BUnit time, IR38AV01225IR38B
IR39# years with at least one irritable ep/mth for 2+ weeks/mthV01226IR39
IR48AWorst month in past year-feel cheerfulV01228IR48A
IR48BWorst month in past year-feel slowed down V01229IR48B
IR48CWorst month in past year-enjoy book/radio/TV V01230IR48C
IR49Worst month in past year-still enjoyed things you used toV01231IR49
IR49AWorst month in past year-laugh/see funny side V01232IR49A
IR49BWorst month in past year-interest in physical appearanceV01233IR49B
IR49CWorst month in past year-look forward w/ enjoyment to thingsV01234IR49C
IR50AExent to which irritability interfered with home mgmtV01235IR50A
IR50BExent to which irritability interfered with workV01236IR50B
IR50CExtent to which irritability interf w/ form/maint close relationsV01237IR50C
IR50DExtent to which irritability interfered with social lifeV01238IR50D
IR52# days in past year unable to do usual activities due to irritabV01240IR52
IR56Talked to professional about irritabilityV01241IR56
IR56_101Talked to professional about irritability:1st mention (11 iterations)V01242
IR56AAge 1st talk to medical professional about irritabilityV01253IR56A
IR68Received helpful/effective treatment for irritabilityV01254IR68
IR68AAge 1st time got helpful/effective treatment for irritabilityV01255IR68A
IR68BTotal profs seen for irritability incl helpful treatment docV01256IR68B
IR68C# professionals ever talk to about irritabilityV01257IR68C
IR70Receive professional treatment for irritability in past yearV01258IR70
IR71Hospitalized overnight for irritabilityV01259IR71
IR71AAge 1st time hospitalized overnight for irritabilityV01261IR71A
IR71_1# close relatives had irritable episodeV01260IR71_1

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