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Family Cohesion

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

FC1Family members respect one anotherV06523
FC2Family shares valuesV06524
FC3Things work well as familyV06525
FC4Family trusts and confides in each otherV06526
FC5Family loyal to familyV06527
FC6Proud of familyV06528
FC7Express feelings with familyV06529
FC8Family likes to spend free time with each otherV06530
FC9Family feels close to each otherV06531
FC10Family togetherness is importantV06532
FC11ABeing too close to family interfered with goalsV06533
FC11CArgue with family over different customsV06534
FC11DLonely and isolated due to lack of family unityV06535
FC11FFamily relations less important to people close to youV06536
FC11GPersonal goals conflict with familyV06537

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